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Bornholm – from moon landscapes to yellow-swept fields of rapeseed

Rapeseed fields adorn the island with a sea of yellow.

Rapeseed fields adorn the island with a sea of yellow.

Oh you pretty little piece of paradise on Earth… This island never ceases to wow me with its postcard perfect nature, burst of colours oozing life, and the smiling sun working its magic on the sunshine island of Østersøen. It is a place you yearn to return to after the very first moment you step foot on its soil. And I do return, over and over again since that beautiful summer day seven years ago. The four siblings – spring, summer, autumn, winter, all cloth the island with their haute couture of the season, each doing their best to create a lingering magic. And the island succeeds in stealing a little piece of your heart every time.

Our first hello to Bornholm this year was just a few days ago in May and May is when the yellow rules in Denmark. It is an incredible sight – a green vastness suddenly turns into a yellow ocean with houses sailing like small ships in the ocean of flowers… That is Bornholm, May and rapeseed fields!

Soaking in yellowness.

Soaking in yellowness.


Rape flower

Reaching for the sky

The rapeseed fields, as dazzling as they were, was not all that Bornholm had up its sleeve. Setting foot on a moon landscape, yes, you read it right, a real moon landscape, was just as dazzling an experience. No, Bornholm does not have a special alien alliance, or a moon shuttle, or a secret NASA base. It is quite simply that Bornholm has a tiny piece of the moon on its soil. That place is at Kultippen, literally translated, the coal tipping place.


Kultippen – where the moon landed on Bornholm

For those of you who did not buy into the fantasy story of the moon shedding some of its skin on Bornholm, here comes the boring explanation. Near Kultippen, there was believed to be coal many many years ago, so people tried to dig it out, and by the “virtue” of their kind hearts, they transported all the leftovers from the coal mining, including sand, dust, ashes and garbage into Kultippen area and dump it off the edge of the cliff into the sea. The practice was stopped as there was not much coal to turn into a Forbes 500 venture, but the landscape that now resembles the moon, was left as a heritage from those entrepreneurial days.


This place makes for a surreally beautiful walk.


The wagons used to transport the coal trash from the nearby mine to the tip of the land. They are now left as rusting reminders.

The nature is gorgeous and secluded, apart from the occasional runners, the chances are you will be discovering the moon all by yourself.

This was May on Bornholm. Beautiful, as always!


Soaking in the view.

Vi ses :)

Photos © Andreas Eriksen & Ani Movsisyan

Jesus Ascends, So That Means Beer And Bare-naked Ladies!

It is the Christian high holy Pentecost weekend in Denmark (May 23-25) and that means celebration to the Danes. Three days of celebration. How to they celebrate? With wild abandon, beer scantily-clad women and samba dancing!!

Join me on Strøget in Copenhagen for the exciting colorful parade that launches Carnival (Københavns Karneval 2015 ) this year 


Copenhagen Morning – Wednesday 5/20

I am enjoying my Copenhagen home this late spring. The weather is beautiful and while I recover from some extreme Delta Airlines delays and jetlag, I decided to do some baking. It also helps me plan my next business moves. Here is some apple strawberry pie.



Strawberries are a late spring and summer favorite in Denmark


 There’s nothing like a bowl of fresh tart apples and sweet strawberries


All natural ingredients – creamy Danish butter, sweet Danish strawberries,  tart apples and flour


And all’s well that ends well with some thick sour cream on top (creme fraiche here in Denmark)

Copenhagen Morning – Sunday 5/17

What a beautiful way to ease into Sunday on a Copenhagen morning….



Although the morning ing began by being awakened by pounding hail on the glass-paned ceiling and across the terrace outside the bedroom….



and hard, driving rain…



The skies are clearing and it is perfect time to head out to your favorite Copenhagen church, the Botanical Gardens, Dyrehaven, Klampenborg or a cozy café that has a table with a view and delicious brunch.

What will you do on this Sunday?

Copenhagen Morning – Saturday 5/16

Starting the weekend with strawberry tea, a fresh vegetable omelette and a view out the kitchen window. Copenhagen morning.


Beautiful kitchen window view

Beautiful kitchen window view


Relaxing space to dine

Relaxing space to dine


Delicious Saturday breakfast

Delicious Saturday breakfast