The X Factor Fever

Right now ‘X Factor’ is one of the most popular programmes on danish television. And I would be a hypocryte to say that I am not watching it with delight.

Over the last few years the talent show-genre has given us some memorable tv-moments. Who can honestly say they didn’t get a lump in their throat when Paul Potts sang Nessun Dorma on Britain’s Got Talent and surprised everyone including the big man himself, Simon Cowell. Or when a young chinese guy named William Hung got world-wide fame after singing the Ricky Martin-classic “She Bangs” on American Idol. Yup, the noughties has no doubt been the decade for talent shows.

Right now, there are four acts left on X Factor: The young wizkid, Mohammed, the ‘singer/songwriter-ish’ young indian girl, Sidsel, the older pop-diva Linda and the assembled pop group Alien Beat Club. Today, the latter came by the music programme that I’m working on to do an interview, and they were really very nice guys.

Alien Beat Club consists of four member who were all rejected in the solo artist category, and later put together for the show. For some reason they have been compared a lot with ABBA, which seems a bit strange to me (I get it, two girls and two guys, but still…)

To me, ABC seem more like a kind of British-style pop group (I’ve been told that it would be an insult to compare them with S Club 7). Anywho, so far I think Alien Beat Club have done really well on the show and together with Linda they are my favourites to win the lot. I can only wish them best of luck when they go back on stage on friday. I’ll be watching…

Alien Beat Club & Sys

By Søren Mouridsen • March 18, 2009

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