Copenhagen – a city of bicycles

There is no doubt that Copenhageners love bicycles. Just take a look anywhere in the city and you are sure to see lots and lots of bicycles. Both parked bicycles and bicycles being used for transportation from A to B. No matter what social layer people are coming from, they are using bicycles for transportation.

The reason for all the bicycles are many, but according to research from the municipality most people choose to cycle because it’s both easier and faster than any other means of transportation in Copenhagen. In other words, it’s easier and faster to take the bicycle than to take the car or public transportation (of course depending on where you are going. If you are going directly from one metro station to another, it usually is faster to take the metro than your bicycle).

I’m so happy that Copenhagen is full of bicycles. According to tons of research and my own personal opinion, cycling makes a city much more liveable and the people in the city both happier and healthier.

And according to some of the research done by the municipality, cycling is good for the economy to. Apparently the society as a whole makes 1,22 kr for every km cycled – and loose 1,13 kr for every km driven in a car.

But no matter who bicycle friendly the city is right now, it can still get better. My dream is that one day the city is closed for cars, so there is only bicycles and public transportation on the streets!

Unfortunately it seems like my dream is far, far away from becoming a reality. There was hope at one point with the so called “betalingsring”, but as you might know the government decided to scrap the idea because of complains from people commuting from the suburbs and into Copenhagen to work.

But no worries. Copenhagen is still a wonderful city to live in – and it’s still much more bicycle friendly than most other cities.

By Mads Phikamphon • August 28, 2014

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