Happy new year everyone

I cannot believe that it’s 2010 already; you know it is still difficult to refer to 2010 as “this year”, and so many times I’ve had to shred papers to rewrite the date because I wrote a fast double zero with a 9 instead of a 20 followed by a pause and then a 10.

In general I think my 2009 was a good year even though it was full of ups and downs. I appreciate all the experiences even bad experiences, because it makes me look at things from different perspectives and it makes me stronger. So how should I end this great year? Be together with my boyfriend and friends to count down new years was defiantly my first priority. Like everywhere else, it’s quite common in Denmark that friends hang out together and either go out to party or party at home.  So we decided to host a party with friends at our apartment which we just moved in at May 2009. You know just to test the quality of the apartment. I think we are quite satisfied with the result, only three glasses got broken and all the colorful stains on the floor kind of disappeared after we washed it :-P


It was a Chinese themed cocktail party but everyone got so drunk with polish vodka which we bought in Krakow last time we were there. At that moment, it suddenly struck me that all my friends are foreigners. Hehe, it’s hard to explain, but most of my friends are foreigners or not very Danish Danes. I don’t know why maybe you can help me to understand, but I guess it might be that us as foreigners share a similarity-”not Danish”. Somehow we don’t have a superior feeling towards other people, so the barriers that separate us become lower.  Anyway, we had lots of fun.

My new year’s goal is to become a more healthy and stronger (both mentally and physically) person. What about you?

P.S Luckily due to my Chinese identity, technically I’m still in 2009, Chinese 2010 will officially start from February 14th 2010.  And my boyfriend and I will go back home to celebrate New Year with my family. We are so looking forward because going to China to celebrate New Year means lots of good food plus more great food. ;)

Hmmm it seems like I already have set up a big challenge for my healthy new year goal. Let’s see :-P

By Li Yuan Wu • January 6, 2010

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One Comment

  1. Posted January 10, 2010 at 3:31 pm by Yi Gao | Permalink

    Time just running so fast, anyway, I had a great time with you in the party. Wish you all the best 2010.

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