New Blue Foundation Video for ‘Describe’ Premiered at Noisey/VICE

Watch ‘Describe’ at NOISEY here

“The two danish filmakers Cecilie Evert and Simon Lundsgaard directed this video together for our song ‘Describe’.
We wanted to show that us people can be very judgmental. On the surface things that we do not know might seem repulsive, but if we look deeper it might not be that alien. That is what the viewer should see in this video.

Sometimes you can be afraid of things that you can’t define or describe. But if you look beyond the surface you will find something you recognize in yourself. That is what this video is about.

Stylistically they were very inspired by film director Carl Th. Dreyer, the minimalism of his universe; the use of light, shadows and space in black and white, the long shots and slow camera movements.

For the story Cecilie and Simon were inspired by my lyrics.
“… I can describe it all for you, if you got the nerves/guts to look into my eyes.”

The two actors in the video, Louise and Martin, both have Down’s Syndrome. That was of course a challenge for them as directors.

Martin and Louise are a couple in real life as well as in the video. they chose them because it was clear to them that they have a very unique relationship. They saw a certain chemistry between them. Their love for each other is very strong and unique, and we expected it to shine through the lens, which we think it did.

The video was shot in Denmark. It was very important to find a house that was isolated in the forest to give the viewer an experience of entering a special world.

Enjoy” – Tobias Wilner

10,000 hour rule – and how us Danes are looking at it wrong

You’ve probably heard of this rule before: In order to become exceedingly good at something, to become a true expert, you have to spend 10,000 hours practicing, which means 10,000 hours doing it.

Christiano Ronaldo did 10,000 hours of soccer training, Sergei Rachmaninov did 10,000 hours of piano playing, and Caroline Wozniacki has spent summer after summer playing tennis.

Recently, I decided to learn to code. Everything currently happening with my company has something to do with coding; we’re creating new platforms. But I can’t code, and am thus not a part of the current evolution. I can’t have that.

I can’t currently spend 10,000 hours learning to code,  so I decided to “just” spend  1,000. Following Pareto’s principle, 80 % of the outcome is produced by 20 % of the input, if not even more skewed. I expect to be a 90 % skilled coder by spending 10 % of the time.

I’ve bought a new computer, a few licenses to the necessary software, and have begun.

Now, here comes the interesting part. What my friends said when I told them about this.

“I don’t have a thousand hours”

I told one of my friends that I planned to spend 1,000 hours over the next few years to learn how to code.

He seemed rather surprised and said:

Good idea, but you don’t have a thousand hours, do you?

Partly, he’s right. I don’t have a thousand hours over the next year that I don’t know what to do with. I have no problems filling out my time – rather the opposite, actually.

But I told my friend:

I have a thousand hours; it’s just a matter of how I choose to spend them.

This is the interesting part.

We have all the time in the world; at least 10 hours each day of productive time where we can do what we want. Want to build a company? Do so. Rather go swimming? The pool can’t be far away. We have these hours at our disposal, and it’s just a matter of how we spend them.

According to this article on information, Danes watch more than 4 hours of television every single day on average (!!).

You’ll hit 1,000 hours in television-watching in less than a year, which just proves that we have all the time in the world. It’s happening. But what do we want to do with it?

We use too much of our life looking like this:

Cut away time-consuming tasks

Since I moved in with my girlfriend in Copenhagen half a year ago, I’ve cut down on some of our time-consuming tasks.

As an example, every 14 days we have a lovely lady from the Philippines come over and clean our apartment.

We don’t have a TV. We threw it out. We do have a few computers though, so we can watch what we want on Netflix and YouTube (but when we come home we try to spend time with each other instead).

And commuting is really not our thing. I use 25 minutes every way to bicycle to work and thus get my daily cardio in too.

I used to train a soccer-team of 11 year olds; now I don’t. I used to have a part-time job at a law company in Aarhus. Now I work as a consultant for half my weekends instead. It’s just a matter of prioritizing.

Become more effective

Let me start with this great video:

I think the subject of getting more effective – getting more done in the hours that you have, not mindlessly spending more hours – is incredibly interesting. This is especially because I’m trying to complete a law program, usually full time, in the evenings.

I’ve tried a few things here.

One thing that I’ve come to realize is that cutting away either exercise, sleep or proper food will backfire incredibly. You need those three.

On the other hand, I’ve found things you can add which works well. I’m currently trying out Lecithin at the moment which is supposed to improve memory, and I try to avoid sugar as much as I can (you’d be amazed what something simple like not drinking soda can do for you!).

The important thing is more what you don’t do.

If you don’t eat fast food, don’t skip sleep, don’t skip exercise (just doing it J), don’t drink excessive alcohol on the weekend and don’t do drugs, things will happen!

You know you are in Denmark when unmarried Danes get KANEL (cinnamon)

This weekend I went to my friend 25th birthday in Aalborg (The girl you see at the picture below). Every year I look forward to this birthday party because it is a close friend. This year was a little bit more special than the other years because, it is Danish tradition to pour cinnamon over a person at her/his 25th birthday if they haven’t been married yet.

Days before the birthday I went to my local hairdresser, The-look. As always, I got my hair blonder. I’ve had the same blond hair-color as long as I remember, so why change ;) . My dress for the night, I found in “Message” in Aarhus, which is a Danish-based international fashion company that designs and produces womenswear under the following brand names: Message, Mbym, Samsøe & Samsøe etc.. I didn’t bought the dress in the first place because every time I find something, I’m always looking for cheaper alternatives online. Lucky as I was I found the exact same dress at on sale (See the dress below).  In Message, the price was 1300 DKK and on I got it for half the price (559, 60 DKK). Another advantage was that, they offer free carriage and one-day delivery. What’s not to like?

Black dress from Pieszak! 559,60 DKK.

Black dress from Pieszak! 559,60 DKK.

Besides the dress, I also purchased some new stilettos which I found at They are so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. They are useful for everything – even though it’s for a colorful dress or some jeans (See the stilettos below).

Black stilettos from Mentor! 710,00 DKK.

The birthday(cinnamon) party

Well, back to the birthday. For my friend everything seemed to be normal, until it was time for her to get cinnamon. (You should see her face :-D ). My friend thought that, she was going out with her boyfriend but it was a big lie. When she came out of her apartment, we “attack” her. First, we pour a bottle of cold water out of her and then we throw cinnamon at her. (See the picture below – it looks so funny). In Denmark, especially Jutland, we have this tradition, if you reach the age of 25 and are still single, you get doused in handfuls of cinnamon. (Sometimes it’s much more than handfuls, as you can see at the picture below.)

If she aren’t married when she turns 30 we will do the same thing, but we will use pepper instead of cinnamon ;-)

In spite of the cinnamon, we all had an amazing and memorable day and night. We got excellent food, wine and drinks made by the host (birthday girl) – everything was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more. Moreover, the party last all night.

What do you think about this tradition? Is it too much? Alternatively, do you think it is a great idea to make Danes consider marriage earlier? :-)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights

Have a fantastic Monday everyone

//Louise :-)

Summer in Denmark

We just entered the spring and soon, before we know it, it is summer. Therefors it’s time to start planning your summer vacation before it is too late. Personally, I love the Danish summer! In spring/summer time, Denmark is SO beautiful and absolutely the best season. The days are the longest and with the warm weather, there are so many things to do outdoor – I love going for a walk, visit the beach, eat ice cream, grill, outdoor parties etc.  What do you want this summer? Sun, sand and sea of Denmark’s beaches? Have a relaxed holiday?

Here are some good ideas for planning a holiday to remember in Denmark:

Family fun in Denmark

Denmark is a family holiday heaven. You can, among others, visit LEGOLAND and live at their hotels, which is build up with toy bricks. When I was a child, LEGOLAND was the absolutely best place to spend my summer.

Another place I have visited with my family is Råbjerg Mile Camping – it is always green and peaceful and you are never far away from the facilities. It is a holiday top of Denmark with sand between toes, close to idyllic Skagen and mid-way to beautiful beaches and outstanding scenery. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of activities for the children:

-        Big playground with bouncy cushions

-        Outdoor pool

-        New indoor water world

-        Crazy golf

.. And so on.

Many people, who visits Råbjerg Miele, are very fascinated by it, and returns time after time. Besides Råbjerg Mile Camping, Lalandia is a true family vacation with a wide range of activities. Lalandia has Scandinavia’s largest waterpark. The waterpark have many funny slides, pools with waves and Jacuzzis for those who wants to relax. Besides that, there is a huge playland (Monky Tonky Land), bowling center, fitness center, minigolf etc.


Aarhus – The City of Smiles

Aarhus, my favorite city, is a great destination and has lots to offer. You will find Aarhus on the east coast of Jutland and are 3 hours from Copenhagen. Below I suggest you three places you may find interesting in Aarhus C.

1. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is the largest Museum in Northern and if you like museums, you surely will love ARoS.

2. Den Gamle by – The Old Town Museum is another unique attraction. It Is a National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. Over the course of the last 10 years more than 3 million people has visit the old town. You can experience what is like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days.

3. If you got tired of the Museum, I can recommend Tivoli Friheden. Tivoli Friheden is Aarhus’ theme park where you will find four roller coasters, 40 rides, stalls, games, playgrounds etc. Tivoli Friheden has everything you and your family needs to have a great day out.

If you don’t know where to sleep, Aarhus has many opportunities. You can stay nearby forest and beach and you can live in the city close the cafés, shopping, restaurants and the cultural events. The only Hotel I have tried is Hotel Oasia, in the beating heart of Aarhus. High quality and good service are the focal points of the hotel. So it could definitely be a good choice.


Well, that’s all for now. I hope these tips will be useful for you to plan and spend an unforgettable holiday vacation in Denmark.

Have you already planned your summer, then let me hear about how you are going to spend your holiday? This summer I go to Skagen with five friends and I looking forward to my trip. I love this city – joyful people flock here especially in the summertime.

Have a good summer everyone.

5 things danes a proud of…

Every country have something their proud of, but do you know what danes are proud of? Here’s a list of five things, that we danes a really proud of.

1) – Winner of the UEFA European football championship – 1992

Even though 22 years has passed, there’s one sporting event that danes still talk about ALL the time. Winning the 1992 European football tournament.

You will hear it all the time, especially when watching football on the TV. The fact that we’re so proud is of course because we haven’t really achieved anything else when it comes to our national sport.

2) – The royal family

This is a sensitive topic, as you either love or hate the royal family. The fact is that the Royal family is a big part of the danish culture and one of the oldest monarchies in the world. So even though some danes hate the royal family, there’s still a lot of danes that are very proud of the queen and her family.

3) – Danish cakes

Danish cakes are probably the best cakes in the world! We have a big tradition for baking cakes and bread and we’re so proud of the cakes we produce. Especially our “jordbærtærte” (strawberry pie) is a big succes every summer. We love that cake like no other and it really represents the best of Denmark.

4) – Our ancestors – The great vikings!

Being such a little nation, we’re really proud that we ones was a great and feared nation. We’ve all heard tales of the big and fearless viking that fearlessly set sail to conquer new areas and treasures. Even though the vikings were cruel in battle and didn’t behave in a way we could accept today, we still like to think of our self as being big, scary and fearless.

5) – The danish welfare system

This is again a topic that’s up for a lot of debate in Denmark. We’re really proud of our welfare system, one of the most developed welfare systems in the world. There’s a lot of factors we don’t agree on internally in Denmark, but overall we’re all VERY proud of the system.

We danes are proud of a lot of things, like we’re also embarrassed by some things. That though, will have to wait for another post.

What are your country/people proud of? and what have you experience that danes are proud of?