When network and work goes hand in hand

Your network is probably your most valuable asset! No question about that. One of the most effect full ways to take advantage of your network is to start a mastermind group. I am part of a mastermind group, where we are all working with online marketing. We are meeting ones a month to give each other feedback on our projects and to brainstorm on new ideas and share information and experiences.

This is an extremely powerful way to take your work to a completely new level. If you are an entrepreneur it is probably THE most powerful way to really move your business.

Our meetings

The structure of our meetings is the same every time. It goes by the following schedule:

  • Start with a little bit of food and free discussion of how everybody are doing.
  • A short presentation (15-30 minute) of a new tool, a book, a new important finding within the field.
  • “Hot seat” – 3 people will get 10 to 15 minutes each to present a problem they are facing currently. Everybody else will then give feedback. This is where your really move!
  • We discuss new findings and ideas for tools for 30 minutes.
  • We end up by giving promises to our self and each other of what we would like to do from now and until next meeting.

A working Christmas party

Of cause we decided to throw a Christmas party in our master mind group. But we wanted to do something different. We wanted to take advantage of each others skills and really learn from each other by working together. We therefore decided to meet in the morning and build a completely new website from scratch. The website we are building is – a website about men, fashion, gadgets, health and wellness. It has really turned out to be an amazing experience. People with different skills and competences working together. We have really learned something by doing this.

We are working hard on perfectmen

A picture from the day. We are all working hard to produce text, pictures, design, videos etc…

I can really recommend a master mind group, but also really to work together. To take a day together with other people, working on the same project really boost your efficiency and learning!

Travelling and living light as an entrepreneur in Copenhagen

When I moved to Copenhagen around a year ago, I had the fortunate luck of being able to move straight into my girlfriend’s apartment.

This way I didn’t have to deal with the Danish – and especially Copenhagen-ish – property market. Renting an apartment in Copenhagen is almost as costly as the most expensive cities in the world: London, Tokyo, Oslo and San Francisco. Had my girlfriend not bought her 2 room apartment in Frederiksberg, the middle of Copenhagen, we’d be paying around 10,000 DKK in rent for it monthly (!).

To compare, I was in Chiang Mai to visit my business partners and friends from – Kristian Rørbye and Dennis Kjærgaard. I lived in a hotel called Sunshine House, where an apartment on the top floor (5th) one square meter bigger than the one my girlfriend owns in Copenhagen would have cost me 2,300 DKK for a month, had I needed it for 31 days. It also came with cleaning and a 24/7 guard in the reception, if I needed help with anything.

Overall Chiang Mai is an incredible place – listed #1 on It’s a place I hope to see again soon.

Halfdan i Thailand

Copenhagen is expensive, but it is possible to live as in the city an entrepreneur. I’ve come to know a few shortcuts and I’d like to share them with you – a person who could consider coming to Copenhagen to work. Because we do, besides high taxes, have a lot to offer!

Where to live

Budget hotels in Copenhagen can be acquired for around 10,000 DKK a month – the same as our apartment would cost. And this way you’d have cleaning and wouldn’t be tied down by a contract. You can’t make it your place either though.

Take a place at Zzzleep that has a few locations around town.

If you’re going to stay and really want to be an entrepreneur, check out NEST Copenhagen. NEST is a living space for entrepreneurs, where you apply to become a renter. Your room is not big, but you’ll live alongside other entrepreneurs.

You can also try out your luck getting an apartment, but your chances are slim. The supply of affordable small apartments and the demand from students in particular does not match up – far from it.

If you get a single room apartment in Copenhagen, consider a murphy bed to save space. It was originally designed for San Francisco apartments in the early 1900, and it has since been redesigned and refined several times. The concept is simple: It’s a bed that folds up against the wall during the day. Check out plans a

Where to work

Finding a place to work is a lot easier than finding a place to live.

Places like Growbizz and Rocketlabs let you rent a cheap desk around other entrepreneurs. SOHO is hipster, though relatively expensive.

And generally, entrepreneurs in Copenhagen are incredibly helpful. I bet that you’ll have a standing free offer from the first five you actually get to know. I’ve had a bunch of friends sit where I do and it’s always a pleasure working with other dedicated souls.

If you need more space in a team, you can rent large rooms and even several rooms on the outskirts of Copenhagen like Herlev and Ballerup for a few thousand Danish crowns a month. All of these are accessible not by the metro, but the S-trains. Trains run from 06-00 daily with a maximum of 20 minutes between them – and often a lot less.

A friend of mine, Mads, started his time in the city by sleeping at a friend’s father’s place, working out of our office and eventually found a more viable solution after he got to know some people.

Knowing people equals options – use this hashtag on Twitter:

I’ve touched upon the subject of getting to know people in Copenhagen before. I can’t stress this enough.

Using tools like Twitter (search for #cphftw, Copenhagen For The Win), and following the before-mentioned Rocket Labs, you’ll easily be able to get to meet new people. Also, follow the Danish tech-media TrendsOnline. They tend to write about the events worth going to.

Not cheap – but an amazing city

If you check out the before-mentioned, you won’t see Copenhagen in the top spots. Our weather is wet and cold, our living expenses high and coffee even more so – but Copenhagen is also a green, incredibly safe and comfortable city. The center of the Nordic countries. You’ll pay some, but will be handsomely rewarded when you move to our city.

And I, for one, bid you welcome – see you on Twitter and at the next entrepreneurial event!

Small living space? No problem!

When people come to Denmark looking for a place to stay during the semester, if you don’t have a dorm room, chances are statistically that you’ll start out with living in a studio apartment. There’s nothing wrong with that – I used to live in one too before getting a bigger place, and a few of my friends still live in studio apartments.

However, it does present some very interesting limitations – some of which only people who’ve lived in a single room can truly relate to! After all, this one room suddenly has to serve as your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom, your guest space and your office within a single, confined space.

It can be a challenge to make it all fit – but not impossible. So, some of my friends and I got together, and we made this list with 5 of the best tips for turning your newly acquired studio apartment into a penthouse! (Ok – not really. But at the very least use the space better!)

Let there be light!

We’re in Denmark – so take all the sunlight you can get! :) You’ve probably heard about the term “winter depression” – of course, it’s not really caused by winter per say, but by a lack of natural light. Studio apartments are especially in the danger zone of becoming cramped and a bit dark, so our tip no. 1 is to open those windows, paint walls in lighter colours and invest in plenty of light fixtures for those gray, rainy days. (You’ll encounter a few of them being in Denmark, you know.) Smart use of lighting draws the eye upwards, so the ceiling will seem higher up, and the colour choice will even make your room seem bigger. My friend and I are debating where the best place are to buy paint, but I think I prefer Beckmann has a wide range of paint and wallpaber in a variey of colors.

Traffic flow.

Your room needs to be a lot of different spaces at once without feeling cluttered, and the solution to that is traffic flow. As much as possible, you should separate each individual part of the apartment (kitchen, living room etc.) with paths – that creates a natural division between each section and makes everything feel a lot less chaotic. To better understand it, compare it to the way IKEA does it – when you think about it, that’s a single space too! (Albeit a huge one). But by having each section separate, it feels like multiple rooms, and you can achieve the same effect, almost regardless of size.


Anchoring is just a fancy way of saying that some furniture can help you better define and supplement distinct areas. For instance, using a rug is excellent for defining your sofa area, as are lamps, shelves and small tables.

Downsize your furniture.

Smaller living space means that flexible furniture is the way to go. Examples of this include stools that can do double duty as a table or extra sitting space – and of course the well-known sofa bed. I sometimes go here for my accessory shopping, and maybe you can find some inspiration there as well. Sometimes, though, the only option is to be critical and say “I need smaller furniture.” Luckily, some places like Barebilligst allow you to design your own closet so you can get the exact size you need to fit tightly against that annoying sloping wall.

Keep things organized.

Just like we sometimes need to be critical about the furniture, we also need to be hard on our old clothes and stuff we no longer use, especially when the space is limited. Closets and good use of wall space can help make things organized, but it’s also about controlling the mess. We’re all messy sometimes (I call it being creative), but just keep in mind that the smaller the space, the messier it looks.

So, that’s our top 5 tips! And as an honourable mention, my friend’s dad who works at Pitzner suggested getting one of those demolition cranes to knock down the outer wall. “That’ll make things nice and spacious”, he said with a grin!




Running experience in and around Aarhus you definitely will love

Aarhus offers a wide range of running routes you can and should try. Aarhus is situated near beach and forest and offer many fantastic nature experience.  Let me inspire you by some of these below:

Hasle Bakker / Skjoldhøjkilen
Routes of 3, 5 and approximate 10 km.

Mollerup Skov
Routes of 2.7 km and 3.5 km.

Riis Skov
Routes of 3.3 km and 4.7 km.

Åbrinken/Brabrand Sø/Årslev Engsø
The route is marked by red pylons for each 250 meters and the route in total is approximate 20 km.

For further information about the routes, look here.

This year I am going to run my first long race – a half marathon. The race will take place in the beating heart of Aarhus in June 2015. My goal is to reach the finish in or within 2 hours. When it comes to reaching the goal I try to eat healthy, drink a lot of water, run 3 times a week, avoiding alcoholic beverages and so on. The biggest challenge for me is learning to eat the right food all the time. To compensate for that I choose to take vitamin and mineral capsules as a supplement. Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that the body needs to work properly. I know that,  it’s not the best solution but it works for me! I can definitely recommend the multivitamin from Vitaviva.

Well, that’s all for now. Wish me luck – I need it:D

Have you any good tips/suggestions to newcomers, like me? Please share it :)

I Love Online Christmas Shopping!












It’s that time of year – Christmas is coming, and I have what feels like 100 presents to buy, but I’m so packed at work so it feels like I have no time at all. That’s why I love online shopping! You can sit at home and purchase all of your presents, and then just collect them all when they are delivered.

The other day I went to the post office to collect no more than four packages. Admitted, I had a hard time even bringing them home. My grandma is from Norway, and she still lives there. So she wished for a new lamp she had seen in her local Expert store. Again, I have to say that I love Scandinavia. Even though she found the lamp in a Norwegian Expert store, I could buy them at Expert Denmark’s online store. My brother and I are giving her a light therapy lamp like these. I really hope that she’ll be happy. I think so, though.

And speaking of lamps! My mother also wished for a lamp this Christmas. Not for light therapy, though. She wished for a new ceiling lamp to hang over the coffee table, and I had a look at some of the lovely lamps at We haven’t quite determined which lamp to buy yet, but there’s definitely a great selection.

I almost bought all of my Christmas presents this year, and I’m really looking forward to seeing my family’s faces when they open up their presents!