New York’s Black Book Magazin Premiere new song with Blue Foundation

Black Book Magazin premiere Blue Foundation perform a new song, “Punk Rock,” live in front of 45,000 people!

Crafting and knitting in Denmark

knittingOne of my friends is running a crafting shop and that made me think about how important crafting and especially knitting is for Danish culture.

Crafting is big in United States and in many other countries, but I cannot imagine that they as many people that are knitting as we have here in Denmark. Around here, both young and old women are knitting to produce sweaters, hats and many other things.

It’s not only the Danish women that are knitting. Some Danish men are also into knitting – and try to check out these two men that are knitting celebrities in Scandinavia (they are Norwegian, but recently went on an official visit to Denmark).

Most of the people who are knitting are doing it for themselves or for their family and friends, but there are also people who are selling the results of their crafting.

It has become so popular to sell your crafting that some people have made a calculator for calculating how much you can ask you your work!

But crafting in Denmark isn’t only about money. It also have a very import social benefit as many Danes meet to talk and drink coffee while they craft together.

The phenomen is called “strikkeklub” in Danish which translates to knitting club (if you aren’t into knitting, you can also find other kinds of crafting clubs. Including niche clubs like this regular beading workshop).

So if you are moving to Denmark and planning to stay here for a long time, you might want to start crafting to get a new hobby and an instant social network in your new country (it’s not as difficult as you might think).

Being an entrepreneur while studying in Denmark – best timing EVER

I’m lucky enough to be both an entrepreneur and a student.

During the day, I work with and my employees here, creating transparency in the market for lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers across Denmark. At night, I study law at Aarhus University.

The law-study doesn’t particularly encourage me to be an entrepreneur on the side. I’m one of the few who does it nevertheless. That’s also why I’ve just been interviewed by (read the article here), one of the biggest online magazines for men in Denmark. The subject in the article is being an entrepreneur while studying and why so few do it.

Because I don’t understand why you wouldn’t!

The way I see it is that you’ll never find a better place in your life than while you’re studying. This is a subject I’ve touched upon several times before. If you can understand Danish, take a few minutes to watch the two videos below:

As mentioned, I see 3 reasons why being a student and entrepreneur is the greatest combination ever:

  • In Denmark, we’re being paid around $800 a month to study. Even if your company doesn’t make money, it’s all right (at least to begin with), because you don’t need it to survive.
  • You – probably – don’t have any ”real” obligations like a mortgage or kids.
  • You have more energy than you’ll ever have and you’re likely spending it on soccer or hitting the city 3 times a week.

The latter is not a problem, by the way. Not as long as you’ve considered what you can do with the time and energy if you focus it on a company instead.

You are more likely to get a job if you’ve tried yourself.

I get that being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try it.

Being an entrepreneur gives you a set of skills that makes you very valuable as an employee. A friend of mine, Rune Poulsen, has a company named He recently received some press-attention in Demark, which was great. He has a habit of hiring people with entrepreneurial experience – even if very little – for his own ventures.

Because, as he says:

I’d rather have a person who knows how to solve his own problems than one that relies on me for everything. If I can’t focus on developing the business, we’ll be stuck.

rune poulsen

The same goes for Carsten Eghoff, who I’ve referred to on this blog before. He and recently relaunched and had to hire a person to manage this on a daily basis. He chose a person who’s had a go at creating his own web shop, because he’s able to work without having instructions given to him every day. That’s valuable.

Ideas don’t matter – just begin

If you consider starting up, read my latest blogpost about That’s maybe the best place to start up as an entrepreneur. Join UngIværk on Facebook as well.

And then just begin.

The idea really doesn’t matter when you want to become an entrepreneur. Execution is key. You don’t have to make something new up to begin. If you can, great. If not, do what your best at and create a business from that instead!

Carnival in Aalborg


It’s so great, that the spring finally has arrived! The sun is shining and the temperature is rising. I like it! :-)

In May each year, Aalborg is throwing Northern Europes biggest carnival.  It’s absolutely an event to attend, if you’re not too old for a great party in true carnival spirit. I have been attending the last couple of years, and I will also be there this year for sure!

The carnival parade will take place through the streets of Aalborg the 23rd of May. Everybody attending the carnival will be dressed up in colorful costumes, following the steam of people through the carnival parade. If you are looking for your carnival costume, I can recommend this webshop, where me and my friends always buy our costumes! Remember to buy som custome, which match the theme “Tabu” (in danish)

There are 2 main starting points for the parade in the center of Aalborg. The first is on the Northern side of the Aalborg Bridge, in Noerresundby. Here the parade starts at about 10 AM in the morning. If you would like to sleep a little longer, or have the time to start an early party with your friends, you can also start in the western part of the city called ”Aalborg Vestby” where most people start. If you choose to start from Aalborg Vestby, the parade is most likely to start walking around noon. I am used to start in Aalborg Vestby, where I think the mood is the best!

The parade ends at ”Kildeparken” at Aalborg Congress and Culture Center, where you will find a huge party in  the park. The party continues the rest of the day/night – or until you get too tired ;-)

Personally, I cant wait for carnival in Aalborg to start and I pray to God about that the weather will cooperate. I cross my fingers.

See you there?

Danish initiatives for a better world

My work with bikes has given me interest for entrepreneurs who care for the environment. I have come across some interesting Danish companies lately. Some work for greater equality in the world, while others try to help us take better care of the earth.

Social entrepreneurship is all about creating a positive change for other people, the environment or the society. We have some interesting and creative examples of this in Denmark, that I think is worth highlighting.

Rent a bike in Copenhagen and help East Africans get a bike

bikesOne of these examples is Baisikeli. It is a Danish company with no intention of making a big profit. The focus is Africa – or more specifically: Shipping as many bikes as possible to areas of Africa, with a great need for transportation. To be able to transport yourself is important, in order to get education, get to the hospital etc.

The person behind the initiative is Henrik Smedegaard Mortensen. He is a Kaospilot. The Kaospilot is a Danish school with a strong focus on social entrepreneurship, and Baisikeli is a good example of that.

The company rents out bikes in central Copenhagen, and the money from the company are spent on bikes for Africa, as well as educating young people in bine mechanics, so they can take good care of the bikes, and put them to good use for many years ahead.

Recycling computers to reduce electronic waste

Another young Danish company with a strong focus on global challenges is Refurb try to extend the lifetime of computer products by recycling. Electronic waste is a growing problem, as we consume more and more electronics.

Most of us buy new computers every 2nd – 3rd year, even though the machines can last a lot longer than that. As a result huge amounts of electronic waste from western parts of the world ends up in landfills in Africa and China.

Refurb buys IT used equipment from companies, and after formatting and reinstalling the software, they upgrade the computers and sell them with renewed warranty.

Educating freelance coders in Bangladesh

computer-codeEveryday the Internet enables people around the globe to work online and as more countries get access to Internet, new possibilities arise. The idea behind Coderstrust is a good example of this. While some of us consume more and more computers, people in other countries can still not afford to buy one.

Coderstrust try to change this by offering people in Bangladesh the opportunity to buy a computer and to learn to code. This way they can one day to be able to support themselves and their family.

The student receives a micro loan, as well as coaching from a mentor two hours pr. week, and as they improve their skills, they can start earning money from clients. Eventually they can pay back the loan, and enable others to get the same opportunities.

These companies are attractive, because they make a difference in people’s everyday life. They are profitable projects, that doesn’t need outside funding, so they can be long-term projects, which can make a lasting difference for people. Great ideas, that needs to be shared and inspire.