Sleep optimization and performance


Our sleep is key to optimal performance. Whether you are studying or working, your sleep will be crucial for your achievements. A lot of people are struggling with optimizing their sleep and getting the optimal basics for performance.

I have been struggling too – a lot of awakenings, back pain, and lack of overview made me change and adapt to the signals from my body. Here are the most basic changes I made for optimizing my sleep. Try it and see whether it could help you increase the quality of your sleep.

Darkness will give better sleep

Your internal clock is very much influenced by lights. Light signals are received via the optic nerves inside the eye. When your eye is detecting lights your body will begin to produce cortisol and your body temperature will raise and cause wakefulness.

Not only sunlight and lamplight should be turned off before bedtime – also lights from your TV, laptop, or tablet will damage your sleep. Try to avoid these electric lights 30 to 60 minutes before you want to sleep. I began to engage in less stimulating activities like reading, which are more conducive to rest, and it worked!

Sleep in the right bed

The bed is very crucial for the quality of your sleep. You need to sleep in a bed, which is adjusted to your specific needs.

Your back must have an optimal and healthy position throughout the whole night to avoid back pain or other kinds of inconvenience. I was bothered by a lot of pain for a longer period of time, until I realized that I might have to consider investing in a new, improved bed. My bed was old, worn, and might have been my bed for almost 8 years, which I found out could be one of the reasons for poor back support. Read more about beds and sleep optimization – right here.

Cool the room

One of the most common mistakes is when people heat their bedroom too much. According to the majority of sleep experts the optimal temperature range for rest is somewhere between 15 to 22 degrees Celsius.

The optimal temperature will differ from person to person. It is very individual which temperature you need in your bedroom. You will have to try different temperatures between 15 to 22 degrees Celsius, until you find the perfect fit. Typically, you will be able to feel it, when the right temperature is caught – both too warm and too cold temperatures will make you feel uncomfortable and result in wakefulness.

Get rid of bothering sounds

We all know it – that little bothering sound, which you can’t get rid of, and which makes you awake for hours unless it disappears.

On a longer vacation I should sleep in the same room as two other guys. Imaging how much snoring I was experiencing in that period of time! I decided to do something about the bothering sound, and acquired a pair of earplugs, which helped me a lot. This is really worth trying, if you want to optimize your sleep.

Most beautiful cabins in the world

I love to travel and must admit I haven’t been traveling enough the last couple of years. This is because I have been working a lot and finishing my school af Aarhus University.

When it comes to travel, I have a thing for nature. Every summer I do a lot of backpacking in Croatia (I’m from the Balkans) and visit their national parks like Plitvice lakes or Krka waterfalls. Often when I backpack I tend to sleep in cabins if I don’t use my own tent.

If you want to build your own cabin or get inspired look at who has lots a guides and tips about how to get the most out of your home. Remember when building your beautiful cabin, you need to make sure the floor is isolated and good looking. Last summer when I build a cabin with my father we used the danish floor grinder company

I really think cabins are romantic, and if in the right surroundings, they can be quite cozy (in danish hyggelig). So I decided to find som of the best pictures of the most beautiful cabins in the world. The pictures are from all over the world, but most of the cabins are from Sweden in Scandinavia. The upside of staying in a cozy cabin in the northern hemisphere is that you can experience northern light. It’s really amazing and romantic. When ever I travel to Sweden I always do it with the danish travel company Stenaline.

The beautiful cabins

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Bonus: Build your own cabin

I always dreamed of building my own cabin. It’s more economical and costs around 10.00 DKK or 1800 US dollars. I’m not going to give you a detailed guide but rather show you this video:

Hobby guide: Three hobbies you can take up in the winter

Most people choses to take up a new hobby from time to time including myself and this is a very good thing since we need to learn new things continuously as we get older. This is a good opportunity to learn new things and keeping yourself sharp. I have recently taken up a new hobby so if you need some inspiration here comes five hobbies that you could take up during the winter. (more…)

Christmas parties: How you can improve your look in one week

December is right around the corner and this means that most people are going to be heading for a Christmas party or two as well as a new years eve party and most people of course wants to look their best but for a lot of people this comes sudden and in the short run its really hard to change anything about your physical state. But there are a range of tricks that you can use if you want to look your best. So if you can relate to this here comes four tips to look your best for the coming Christmas parties. (more…)

How to eat healthy: My tips!

We eat to live. Unorganized and harmful eating habit is often threatening  our health. Healthy eating does not mean consuming excessive or expensive food. There are some regulations, food categories and routine that should be maintained in order to grow a healthy eating habit.

I live in Aarhus and study ITKO at Aarhus University School og Business and Social Sciences. While I have been living this life of a student I have thought very much of what I eat and how – in generel – to live a healthy life.

Here go easy tips that will show you the way of healthy eating.