Fall in Denmark – two weather scenarios and weird traditions

If you ask random people what their favorite season is, many will answer “fall”. The fall is often considered the most beautiful of seasons, because of its crazy beautiful color scheme. Fall in Denmark is either the most beautiful experience in the world – or the opposite. Here is what you can expect and some weird Danish fall traditions.


Why lambskin is fabulous

I studied at the danish university in Aarhus from 2010 to 2015. The five years meant living of the danish SU which is around 5.000 DKK a month. I lived in a studio apartment where I had my own room and shared the rest with a couple of friends. Decoration and design was never something I really spent time on or had the money to buy. Since I got my full time job at a danish agency, I moved to my own apartment and now I finally have time to live the life I always wanted. Yeah sounds stupid but its nice to have your OWN bathroom 🙂

So ready for the winter to arrive

Had you asked me two years ago what I felt about living in Denmark, my answer wouldn’t have been that positive. I was sick and tired of Denmark and I wanted to see the world. For more than a year I’ve done exactly that. Travelled all of Europe, taken a small look in South America and gone to the cold Canada in the middle of the winter.

I’ve seen more of the world in the last year than in the rest of my life combined and it’s been a great experience.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in my parent’ house enjoying a few weeks of vacation before I’ll continue my journey.

I’ve experienced really hot and nice weather in Spain and really cold, snowy conditions in Canada and I loved every part of it.

But coming home, this time, I realised just how much I love the danish weather periods. We just had a couple of really good September days that has now transitioned into the more familiar grayish and cooler weather that I remembered but here’s the thing. I really enjoy it!

I actually find the gray and cold days to be cozy and it sort of reminds me of the approaching Christmas time. My favorite time of the year! Well, this year I’m going to be in the Carribean but Christmas is none the less the best time of year.

I still remember those great December days where it was freezing cold outside but still we’d go outside to find a Christmas tree. We would drink hot chocolate, gløg and ginger shots while eating “æbleskiver” ad libitum.

Since I’m not going to experience this anytime soon, I’m enjoying every cold and gray day like it was Christmas.

How to blend in with the Danes

Danes are always fashionable and good looking – no matter what they like, actually. Thus, it is so easy to tell, when you are a tourist or new to the country. If you would like to skip this period of transition, read along and learn how to blend in with the Danes.


Online Scams in Demark and what to be aware of

It is easy to believe that the internet has become safer than ever before. After all, we book our hotel rooms, pay our bills and buy our clothes online, but is it really so safe and reliable or is it just a big illusion? It would be unfair to say that the internet is not safe, but at the same time, it is good to be cautious.

In February 2016 alone, after a long and thorough investigation, 423 websites were closed down in Denmark due to the suspicion that they are scams lurking after the money belonging to citizens in Denmark. Most of those websites are based in China, and 70 of them belonged to the same person.

Danish Bagmandspolitiet, the special team for fighting cyber scams, noted that there are still 1500-1700 websites online who are connected to scams and frauds, and the number is constantly growing. Among the 423 closed websites were fake online shops, but also websites that were claiming to provide binary trading, automated binary trading or safe financial investing. Unfortunately, all of them were scam schemes.

Bagmandspolitiet, or cyber police, is using special computer programs and algorithms to find suspicious websites. That way, they are more efficient and can act almost immediately, but it is impossible for them to remove all websites as they are difficult to trace.

Scams are getting more and more sophisticated as well, and are often using domains that high rank on Google, or are simply building their brand based on some other brand that sounds similar and reliable. Bagmandspolitiest suggests to all financial traders, binary traders and website users to check domain, company information, terms and conditions, and suspicious offers before they make a deposit with a scam.

Den Danske Metode – Scam That Can Cost You Money

One of such scams is Den Danske Metode, advertised as unique and profitable auto robot for binary options in Denmark. Den Danske Metode was promising high payouts that go up to 25.000 kr a day, but was obviously just another scam, as there was no company information, terms, and conditions and the website was full of fake testimonials.

Also, Den Danske Metode has a local version for every country, so traders in Australia can try Aussie Method, in Germany German Method, etc., but they are all part of the same scam.

Den Danske Metode is very similar to other online auto trading scams, as it includes unrealistic promises, fake video, false information and many other elements that are usually common among scams. Such scams are creating hostile business conditions for reputable and respected brokers in binary, forex and other types of financial industry.

After few months, Finanstilsynet (Danish Financial Agency), informed the public about this online scam. According to their official statement, Den Danske Methode, also known as Danish Method, was never regulated or registered by Finanstilsynet, and therefore, they are not recommended for any form of investing, binary trading or auto trading.

Other ways of earning money online

There are also many other alternatives when it comes to earning money. You can start your own affiliate website (get trafic that clicks on ads). If you go this way, we recommend that you find a niche with little competition but enough search volume. Start by making a keyword analysis, creating a website and looking into search engine optimization.

The easiest way of getting money (read, getting not earning) is loan websites like which is one of the most official websites in Denmark about loanes. Moneylender is mentioned in the danish lifestyle magazine for men Euroman.

What to Do in the case of a Scam?

The best thing to do if you encounter a scam is not to make a deposit with them in the first place. You can also report a potential scam to Finanstilsynet, and that way provide information on time to other citizens who could be exposed to various financial or binary scams.

Also, there are many websites such as binary options at Banc De Binary that are oriented on providing reliable information and fighting scams. They noticed Den Danske Metode scam two months before the Danish Financial Agency and warned their readers on their website.

Fair Binary Options helped many traders and investors who encountered scam brokers or scam auto trading robots like Den Danske Metode. Their customer support is always there to provide you with the necessary information and good recommendation.

In order to avoid scams, make sure you are following the advice provided by the Bagmandspolitiet. Research all possibilities, read reviews and try to make a good decision, before making any sort of transactions with the website.