Speaking of food…



Can you relate to the feeling of not being able to keep track of the time, or even the days of the week? I sure can! Often I find myself being super busy, with a schedule that is overloaded with work, fitness appointments and other plans with friends and family. Sometimes it is hard to find time to it all, but to be honest, I also enjoy keeping myself busy. Living in a city, such as Aarhus, there is always something going on. You always have the opportunity to go shopping, drinking coffee at a coffeehouse nearby, eating at a charming restaurant or simply explore the city by its cultural offers. During the year, there are also several festivals in the aria, and there is a street food festival right around the corner.

Speaking of food, one of the downsides of having a busy lifestyle is that I do not always find the time to cook. I think it is important to eat healthy and varied, but when you are in a hurry, the quality of the food might not be the top priority. I guess I am not the only one who often ends up eating rye bread (rugbrød) with liver paste (leverpostej) to dinner?

Luckily, I have found a solution to the problem. Have you heard about It is an online website, where you can order a meal box straight to your own door.  You can either choose from over 500 recipes or combine different ingredients, which is recommended by nutrition specialists.  It is really convenient, because you do not have to spend your time or energy on grocery shopping and the best part is that it only takes 30 minutes to create a tasteful and healthy meal. I think that the concept is really smart, and especially if you are rather busy during the weekdays. Right now they also have a great offer, where you can get 20% off your first two orderings. Isn’t that fantastic?

This is also a great way to expand your eating habits and get familiar with new and exiting recipes. I often tend to make the same courses over and over again, instead of trying out something new or exploring unfamiliar ingredients. Hopefully, this will improve during the fall, including my cooking skills :-D

2015 in running races


Earlier on I have told you that I am running half marathons. I accomplished my second half marathon this June, actually with a personal record, which I am very proud of.

What I did to accomplish this goal was without doubt determination and hard work with training a half year up to the race day. Besides hard training, I think that my music plays a significant role in my performance. I have brought a pair of really great headphones that stays in place during my run, and delivers great sound.  I have learned that if you listen to music during your run, you can improve your pace and performance with up to 15% percent! That’s a whole lot! Just a little tip for you, if you don’t know how to improve your running performance.

In august I am participating in 2 smaller races: the DHL run and Nordic Race. Both races are only 5km., but I think that I will be challenged anyhow. The DHL race is in a hard terrain and Nordic Race is with lots of obstacles during the 5km. course. I am looking forward to accomplishing these races as well, and hopefully I can finish both races with satisfying results. If you’re interested in finding out more about Nordic Race, you can read more about the concept and their races here.

For now, I have no further races planned in 2015. But there’s lots of both half and whole marathons left during the autumn and winter season in Denmark. Maybe I could be convinced to partipating in another half marathon this autumn. Lets see :-)

Why moving away from Copenhagen will be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do

I moved to Copenhagen two years ago. I did so because I was starting my company, which I have since sold. Another reason was because I wanted to move in with my girlfriend (who still haven’t kicked me out, awesome!).

I grew up in Odense, studied a few years in Aarhus and now I live in Copenhagen. And I have a really hard time imagining ever moving away from here.

And I may have to, one day. My girlfriend’s family all live in Aarhus and she’d like to move back someday. I like Aarhus; I really do, but..

Business is in Copenhagen

View from where I live in Frederiksberg.

View from where I live in Frederiksberg.

Copenhagen is by far the biggest city in Denmark. That’s why the most companies call Copenhagen their home as well.

I spend my day growing my companies and doing exactly this – business. I can’t do this anywhere better than Copenhagen.
We have all sorts of awesome places to stay as a small entrepreneur (like Rocket Labs, Growbzz, La Oficina and so many more); awesome events like TechBBQ and Starteriet (which I’ve mentioned here before); as well as the opportunity to travel with other entrepreneurs and meet them.

You can’t do this on the same scale anywhere else in Denmark and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You’re in the center here, you can do anything end meet anyone. Try going back to a village south of Odense right now.

And if you – just for one night – would like to try something non-business related, we have Distortion, Stella Nova, Copenhell and some other awesome events running all year long.

Oh, and by the way – I know you can do business out of the danish metropoles as well. Creator of enourmous Pricerunner says he got succes because he was far away from the city (source). But still.

So is all my friends

Having lived here for a mere 2 years, most of my friends now live in Copenhagen. Meeting people is incredibly easy and the Copenhagen’s entrepreneurial scene is strong.

You can participate in the events above, join Refuga for a trip or simply just ask someone out for a burger. I do that a few times every month and it’s a great way to learn interesting people along the way. Very few people decline, especially if you offer them a burger and a beer in exchange for a few hours conversation at night.

Meeting with former Refuga-participants in central Copenhagen, june 2015.

Meeting with former Refuga-participants in central Copenhagen, june 2015.

Sure, I have friends in other places – finding a place to stay with Tobias and Christian will prove no problem – but not nearly the same amount. And sure, I could make new ones; but I like these ones. Also, making friends is easier in Copenhagen, where you can find people with the same interests as you as easy as scratching your back, opposed to anywhere else in Denmark.

But I fear I’ll have to go back

People move to Copenhagen when they are young. But when they want to ”settle down”, they move out of the city. Maybe to a suburb like Gentofte or Glostrup – maybe to Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg or another Danish town far, far away.

Should I be blessed with a pregnant girlfriend one day, I know that she’ll want to move away.

And I dread that day. Not because of the pregnancy – but because I really like it where I am right now.

Salut, Copenhagen. I hope to stay here for a long time to come!

My life in education and school life

It might be interesting for some foreigners to know, how a normal way of education works in Denmark.

My own story of how i choose educations through time, and where i ended up:

Without any wrong choices, most academics are done with their studies around the age of 25-30.

My school life started with kindergarten in a small town with approximately 5.000 citizens
My parents like to live near the nature, and are both active hunters. So i wen’t to a little school where most of my classmates where farmers.

After kindergarden there was seven grades.
The small school only had seven grades, and sometimes they would even gather two grades in one.

After seventh grade i had to go to the nearest larger town for eight and ninth grade
In Jutland where i inherit from, its very normal for all the small communities to gather for eight – tenth grade in a larger city.
In my case, i went from a class of 12 student to 5 classes with 20 students.

After ninth grade some go straight to high school(Gymnasium in danish)
Some of my friends went straight to high school after ninth grade. That was to early for me thou.

Some take a tenth grade before high school
Those who are not ready for high school, and they are not going of to boarding school, there is tenth grade in elementary school.

I went to boarding school (Efterskole in danish)
I still remember the one year i spend at Onsild Idrætsefterskole. At that time of my life, i was very into sports and gymnastic.
I still keep a close connection to some of my fellow students there.

After one year of boarding school, i began at high school
Im not quite sure how this works outside Denmark. But in Denmark there are lot of different high schools, some with focus on language, some with other focusing.

My choice of high school was HTX – Higher Technical Exams
For the first time, i had to choose which way i would go in life. I liked math and science, so it was easy for me to choose a Higher Technical Exams.
I went to Skjern HTX in my local area, where first got interested in programming and communication.

When i finished after 3 years, i had 1 sabbatical year
I spend 1 year working a lot of hours in service and serving.

After i had been working for one year, i went to Aarhus for further studies
Aarhus is definitely “The place to go” in Jutland. A much larger city that what i was used to, and the possibilities seems unending.
I quickly fell in love with the city, and i still live here.

I graduated as Multimedie Designer after 2 years
A pretty basic education, but i took me where i needed to go. After these two years, my backpacks where filled with the knowledge i needed to complete my profession bachelor in web development.

I then went 1½ year further to call my self a profession bachelor
I now finally had the tools i needed to find a job, and really start learning.

At age 24 i was finally done with schools, and I’ve been on the job-market ever since
I have spend the last 3½ years working for other companies specialized in webdevelopment, but finally ended out creating my own company with an old colleague: Smidt & Bohlin

Maybe there will be more to come
At the speed science is moving, i might need to go for further education in the future. But for now, i can keep up myself :-)

Denmark has excellent help and studies for further studies thou.

The Danish election – Seen by an entrepreneur

A few weeks ago, we had en election for the Danish parlament.

179 danes from 9 different parties have been chosen.

Following an election is always exciting – and this year was no exception.

I followed the election as an entrepreneur.

I strongly believe that the major part of job-creation happens in small and middle-sized businesses (what we in Denmark call the SMV-segment for ”Små og Mellemstore Virksomheder”). You can see the definition on small en middle sized businesses here on Wikipedia.

We need more of those.

But the worlds highest taxes and a particular tax on investments (created by our former liberal gouvernment?!) doesn’t exactly help this.

Let me walk you through 3 of the different Danish parties – two who wants to do everything they can for entrepreneurs and one, who really just wants us to become employed by the state instead.

Liberal Alliance

A few years back the party ”Ny Alliance” was created. After a turbulent year it made it to 0.0 % of the votes – just to be reborn as a liberal party and at the recent election almost 8 % of alle danes voted here.

Liberal Alliance is the most entrepreneur-friendly party we have.

Cutting taxes and eliminating unneccessary laws is two of the main issues for the party.

Votes for this party comes especially from the area north of Copenhagen, known for habiting the more wealthy part of Denmark.

A friend of mine recently sold his company and is now being taxed both 25 % in his company (company tax) – and if he later wants to pull out money to himself, he’ll be taxed a minimum of 50 % here. Should he choose to invest the money, he’ll still be taxed at least 25 %.

I can’t be the only person who thinks this is crazy.


Two years ago, Alternativet was created. It almost immediately became the laughing stock of the political elite. The reason for this is that Alternativet (The Alternative) does not have well documented financed plans for what they want to do – but they do know a course.

They want the danes to work 30 hours instead of 37 hours per week; a society based on ecology; more small danish businesses (important!); only renewable energy; more rights for animals and so on.

A whopping 5 % of danes voted for this party – a shock for the political elite I mentioned before. My own little sister included.

While it may seem like a very socialist party, one of the main issues for this party is improving what the society offers for small entrepreneurs. The founder is a former entrepreneur himself.

Alternativet have shown in the recent election that danes do not care about a billion here or there in the final math piece – they want a course they can relate to instead.


Now I’ve mentioned two parties who want entrepreneurs the best. Let’s look at one who really doesn’t.

Enhedslisten is the closest we come to a communist party in Denmark. Besides getting rid of the police and military, they want to nationalise all danish companies and give the ownership party to the state; partly to the common employees.

It’s never worked before and of course it won’t in Denmark either.

Funny thing is that almost 20 % (!) of people in Copenhagen actually vote for this party, set aside what I just said.

That goes beyond me. I actually put together a little protest site on this party a few years back – if you want to, you can check it out here.

If you’re interested in the election, you can see the complete result here. Note that the second biggest party is Dansk Folkeparti (Danish Folk Party). A few years ago this was unthinkable. The party is known especially for wanting better conditions for elderly and a strick politic towards foreigners. When the result came in, people especially in Copenhagen threatened to move to Sweden because they were emberassed, while the rest of the country rolled their eyes and noted that Danish Folk Party actually listened to more than just the capital. If you can read danish, this is one of the more interesting things to read about in the paper!

If you’ve followed the election, please, do write a comment on here. You may disagree with me on how I feel on the parties and you may have viewen the election as something else than an entrepreneur.

I look forward to read your opinion!