smykkeAll girls know the importance of accessories. Accessories are the finish touch to your outfit and can complete your expression. You can choose between everything from hats, scarfs, jewellery and bags and you can use accessories to either dress-up or dress-down. You can easily turn a rather basic and boring outfit into something fabulous when using the right accessories. Or maybe tone down a formal dress into something more casual. There are so many different colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from, so you can easily mix and match so it suits your personal style.

Some years ago I wouldn´t consider watches as an accessory I could use to create my own personal style. The models available were rather simple and to be honest, a bit boring. A watch was a device to keep track of time, not a fashion statement. Luckily, over the last years designers have delivered beautiful and elegant watch-collections and they have been far from boring. Most people do not buy a new watch too often and the exclusive designer brands can be quite expensive. Whenever I am buying something that is a bit pricy, I always research my options and compare different products before I make a decision. Online stores have fortunately made it easier to compare different styles, brands and designers. At uniwatches you can look through a wide range of woman watches from the most trending brands. They have an impressive selection either if you are looking for something in gold, silver, rosé gold or black to spice up your outfit. Besides their great selection of watches, you can also find your favourite designer at a good price-offer.

Personally, I am not that daring when it comes to mixing and matching different styles and I like to keep it simple. When it comes to my jewellery I always wear the same colours and right now I am going through a rosé gold phase. So everything from my earrings to necklaces is rosé gold. My watch on the other hand, is in silver, so maybe I should consider buying a new watch in rosé gold to go with the rest of my jewellery. Luckily for me, the selection of rosé gold watches is surprisingly good and some models are even on sale. That´s an offer you can´t resist.

Most beautiful cabins in the world

I love to travel and must admit I haven’t been traveling enough the last couple of years. This is because I have been working a lot and finishing my school af Aarhus University.

When it comes to travel, I have a thing for nature. Every summer I do a lot of backpacking in Croatia (I’m from the Balkans) and visit their national parks like Plitvice lakes or Krka waterfalls. Often when I backpack I tend to sleep in cabins if I don’t use my own tent.

I really think cabins are romantic, and if in the right surroundings, they can be quite cozy (in danish hyggelig). So I decided to find som of the best pictures of the most beautiful cabins in the world. The pictures are from all over the world, but most of the cabins are from Sweden in Scandinavia. The upside of staying in a cozy cabin in the northern hemisphere is that you can experience northern light. It’s really amazing and romantic. When ever I travel to Sweden I always do it with the danish travel company Stenaline. Take a look at their offers here.

The beautiful cabins

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Bonus: Build your own cabin

I always dreamed of building my own cabin. It’s more economical and costs around 10.00 DKK or 1800 US dollars. I’m not going to give you a detailed guide but rather show you this video:

When travelling, I learned to appreciate these things about the Danish culture

Currently, I’m sitting in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). I’ve travelled from Las Vegas this morning, where I’ve been for the last 8 days with my girlfriend. I’m heading to Tokyo for the next few weeks, where we’re going skiing in Myoko Kogen.

When I’m travelling, I really get to appreciate some things about the Danish culture that I don’t pay attention to on a regular basis – at the same time, I notice some parts of the culture where I am, USA right now, that I find very appealing. (more…)

Tobias Wilner Creates Soundtrack For ‘Bedrag/Follow The Money’

Tobias Wilner of Blue Foundation has created a hunting soundtrack for the latest Danish series from DR – producers of The Killing, Borgen & The Legacy – Follow the Money. This brand new eco-crime thriller explores a world of corporate crime in which a group of powerful business leaders reside. When a dead body is found near a local wind farm, police inspector Mads is assigned to the job, refusing to believe that it was an accident. Follow the Money stars Thomas Bo Larsen who appeared in Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt (2012) and Festen (1998). Larsen also stars alongside Natalie Madueño Wolfsberg, Esben Smed and Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Killing III, The Keeper of Lost Causes). Sara Savery has also contributed to the music scoring of the show. The first two episodes of the series, directed by Per Fly, whose films include The Inheritance and Manslaughter, were screened at the recent Berlin Film Festival.

Listen to Tobias Wilner’s hunting main theme from the Danish crime show ‘Bedraget/Follow the Money’ in it’s entirety here.
The solo cello is played by Isabel Castellvi (Sun Kil Moon, CocoRosie, Mivos Quartet). Stay tuned regarding soundtrack release date.

The Martingale System: Does it work?

Although the respected most authority of gambling math in this planet, the Wizard of Odds, differs our point of view, but you can surely increase your chances of winning. They say, “all betting systems are worthless” because in the long you can never beat the house edge, but most of us play for a limited time while they are travelling. So if you want to be a seasonal winner you can try the Martingale betting system. You will win small but mostly it will be quite assured.