Scrapbook your dreams

nicehomeInterior design has always been a huge passion of mine and I can easily spend several hours looking through interior magazines, catalogues, blogs and websites. Nowadays you can basically find inspiration everywhere and as the social media platforms are growing, you get access to more material online and the sources of inspiration is limitless. I love it when I come across new sites or new Instagram accounts, where I can get lost and start imagine my dream house down to every little detail.

If you are planning on decoration your room, your apartment or your new house, there are several factors you would need to consider. In order to achieve the exact same image as you have been picturing in your head, planning is the key. A good solution could be to make a scrapbook, where you collect inspiration pictures and ideas of who you want your room/apartment or house to turn out. By doing so, it will be much easier to stay on the right track and make sure that every little detail is perfect. Everything from the colour, to the size to the fabric is important and it is important that everything is in style.

A good idea is to start with one simple product and build a scrapbook page around it. Say you are decorating a living room; you could start with a corner sofa, such as these pretty ones from The couch is often the centre of attention and is expected to last for a long period. You should choose one with a high quality and comfort, such as these from They all have an elegant and classic design and are available in beautiful and simple colures. When the baseline product is chosen, you can then start developing a scrapbook by choosing other products, colours and interior designs, which will work best with the product. By doing so you will be certain that when you are done decorating, it will also appear as the image you had in mind and most important of all – you will be completely satisfied with the decoration, because it is exactly want you wanted. It might take a few hours to plan it all and find the right details, but who would not scarify some hours to achieve their dream? :-)

Exploring Denmark

denmarkDenmark is a beautiful country known for several great inventions, designers and traditions. Most people are actual surprised when they find out how many things the Danes can claim theirs, such as the confusion about where LEGO actually comes from. Many Danes are not even aware themselves, of how many products, companies and designers you could essentially originate to Danish roots. If you are curious about Denmark or maybe a Dane yourself, wondering what you can potentially brag about to other nations, you should visit It is the official website of Denmark and you can read about everything from quick facts to lifestyle to the society. The site is brilliant if you want to learn more about Denmark, it´s traditions and how it became the nation of bicycles.

If you are inspired by the reading and are considering exploring Denmark for its offers, but do not feel that you have the economy for it right now, there are many solutions you could take the advantage of. A payday loan is a great option if you want a loan, which is cheap, comes with a low interest rent and have good conditions. There are many providers on the market and have gathered several payday loan providers and made it easier for you to compare the price, interest rent and conditions. At least now your wallet doesn’t need to be the one killing your dreams.

It is also worth mentioning that Denmark is known for it´s excellent taste in clothes and designs, and Danish designers is known all over the world for its simplicity and elegant style. Danes are good at promoting and supporting Danish entrepreneurs and if you walk into a clothing store, I can promise you it fill be filled with Danish designs and brands. If you are not going to be in Denmark anytime soon, there are also many online stores where you can get your hands on the latest trends within Danish designs, but also other international brands. is no exception, and the store is filled with elegant, stylish and beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories from high quality brands from Denmark and other international fashion brands.  You should definitely check it out, whether you are looking for inspiration or new clothes to fill your closet :-)

Do you have any recommendations for places you need to visit in Denmark or maybe a funny fact about the Danes?  Pleas share if you do :-)

The Danes’ body image

Body Shapes Sketch for blog

Even though Danish people seem to be some of the happiest in the world, a global study from YouGov shows, that more than a third of Danish people are unsatisfied with their weight and overall body image.

The study researched how satisfied people are with their bodies in 25 different countries. In Denmark more than a third (37%) answered, that they are not satisfied with their own weight or body image. Only 60% are satisfied.

It will probably come as no surprise that when it comes to accepting their body, women are more self-critical than men. As seen in this study, almost half of the Danish women (42%) are not happy with their own body, as opposed to 32% of Danish men.

Another study published by the beauty mark Dove, shows that more than 50% of women between 15 and 60 years old, have a negative view of their body. According to the study, this has a detrimental effect on our health and subsequently could cause low self-esteem, impact areas of our social life, and even affect our sex life.

This is evident at, who says that a bad self-esteem has negative consequences on your sex life because you perhaps do not feel comfortable being naked in from of your partner.

Society and culture

According to the study by Dove, 66.9% of the women participating in the survey thought that in today’s society it is more accepted for a woman to criticise her appearance than compliment her appearance. The thinking behind this is likely due to the Danish so-called “Jante”-law, which says that you shouldn’t feel better than other people, and that it is better to be humble than having too high thoughts about yourself. But this tendency should be stopped because it has negative consequences when you think negatively about your own body, according to Claus Mølholm, Marketing Manager for Dove Denmark.

Satisfaction comes with age

However, it seems like the older you get, the more comfortable you become with your weight, body image and overall appearance. According to the study by YouGov, the age group 55+ are more likely to be satisfied with their own body. 66% of the participants in the 55+ category were satisfied, compared to 56% in the 18-34 age group).

What about the rest of the world

France is the only country in Europe where the younger people are more satisfied with their body than older people. 68% of the French people in the 18-24 age group are satisfied whereas this only counts for 55% of the age group 55+.

Glowing, Younger looking Skin? Yes Please!


The months are running by and it is already November. Am I the only one who is wondering when the fall went by? The days are getting shorter and the cold is beginning to appear a little to often. As the winter season is sneaking up upon us, I can feel how it affects both my skin and my hair. My skin is definitely in need of more protection and nutrition in the winter. Of course, it is important to have a good skin routine all year around, but it is no secret that it is a good idea to take extra care of your skin during the winter months.

The older I get, the more cautious I become when it comes to which products I use on my skin. Trust me, I have tried all different sorts of products over the years – everything from cheap low quality products to more expensive high quality products. I am always searching for new products to use and I recently discovered a brand called BIOeffect. It is an Icelandic brand, which is highly focused on creating products with anti-age ingredients through their research within epidermal growth factor. You can buy the products online at, and there are different types of products to choose between. Whether you are in need of a new skin serum, a 30-day skin treatment, exfoliation products or a daytime cream, BIOeffect got it. All of the products from the BIOeffect series are designed to give your skin a youthful glow, moisture and skin fullness.

What I have learned over the years is that every skin type is different and it is very individual what actually works the best for your skin. The most important thing is that you use a product that is suited for your skin and find products that are designed to help you with whatever problems you might have. If you start with a good skin routine at an early age, you will be thanking yourself when you get older. You can prevent many signs of aging and keep the fresh young glow, even when you have passed 40. And who doesn’t want to look young forever? :-D

Halloween celebration is upon us

Historically Halloween has not been a big deal, but gradually as we through the past decades have been incorporating more and more traditions from America, the 31st of October have become a day of celebration in Denmark as well.

In Danish shops, we see Halloween stuff all over at this time of year, and you are certainly not in doubt that this celebration is coming closer and closer. Especially the families with children are making a big deal out of it.

My good friend Anders told me that his kids have been looking forward to Halloween for several weeks now and that in their family this event is almost as important as Christmas, which has always been the most important time of celebration all year in Denmark.

“The kids are so exited about this. Now when we are getting closer to the big day they just can’t talk about anything else. A couple of years back we only played with some pumpkin heads for a couple of hours, but now Halloween is a part of our everyday life in several weeks before the actual event”, he told me.

I have a clear feeling that this trend also shows in many other families in Denmark, and for many people dressing up is a big part of what Halloween is all about. I see Halloween costumes everywhere I go at the moment.

Last week my old friend Dannie who now lives in Munich in Germany visited me. He told me that Halloween is also getting bigger and bigger in their country, though it is primarily the younger generations who are really celebrating this event. The older generations have a tendency to see it as an unnecessary American tradition. I think this opinion is actually also seen in Denmark in the older generations in many cases.

Personally I don’t really care too much about Halloween yet, but my interest grows from year to year. Maybe it will really hit me when I get kids. Then I will also be joining the Halloween celebration with costumes and everything else that comes with this event.