So ready for the winter to arrive

Had you asked me two years ago what I felt about living in Denmark, my answer wouldn’t have been that positive. I was sick and tired of Denmark and I wanted to see the world. For more than a year I’ve done exactly that. Travelled all of Europe, taken a small look in South America and gone to the cold Canada in the middle of the winter.

I’ve seen more of the world in the last year than in the rest of my life combined and it’s been a great experience.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in my parent’ house enjoying a few weeks of vacation before I’ll continue my journey.

I’ve experienced really hot and nice weather in Spain and really cold, snowy conditions in Canada and I loved every part of it.

But coming home, this time, I realised just how much I love the danish weather periods. We just had a couple of really good September days that has now transitioned into the more familiar grayish and cooler weather that I remembered but here’s the thing. I really enjoy it!

I actually find the gray and cold days to be cozy and it sort of reminds me of the approaching Christmas time. My favorite time of the year! Well, this year I’m going to be in the Carribean but Christmas is none the less the best time of year.

I still remember those great December days where it was freezing cold outside but still we’d go outside to find a Christmas tree. We would drink hot chocolate, gløg and ginger shots while eating “æbleskiver” ad libitum.

Since I’m not going to experience this anytime soon, I’m enjoying every cold and gray day like it was Christmas.

What’s it like running a business in Denmark?

Denmark is often being mentioned in the world press as being a great place to start and run a company. Well, I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last 3 years and I thought it was about time to share with you, my experience about running a company in Denmark.

Starting a company

Starting a company is extremely simple. It can be done online in just a few minutes and within a few days, you receive your CVR number which is unique to your business. If I remember correctly, starting a enkeltmandsvirksomhed is free but if you want either a IVS or ApS you’ll need to invest a certain amount of money.


Denmark is known for its extreme taxes and if you aren’t a part of the group that is supported by the government, you’ll quickly start feeling screwed, big time. When I started out I didn’t have any income or money saved up. I also didn’t have a place to live and I needed to support my wife. For us to make a living I needed to make 22K/month pre tax, just to get by in a very small apartment, taking public transport etc. While 22K isn’t much in Denmark, it’s a lot when you’re just starting out. I had business expenses I needed to cover. An apartment rent, electricity, other utilities, food, transportation.

I worked my but off to make a living and support myself and it was okay if it hadn’t been for the fact that a lot of Danes are getting paid roughly the same every month because they don’t have a job or because they “don’t want to work”. For me, it would have been more beneficial to just ask for “kontanthjælp” which is something the government pays to unemployed/sick people. That would have resulted in the same amount after taxes and I wouldn’t have had to work my ass off +50 hours/week.

So if you’re interested in starting a company, be prepared to feel screwed or at least feel like you’re not wanted in Denmark.


While it’s relatively easy to do your bookkeeping yourself and figure out what you need to pay, it’s still a very complex system. I have several times been asked to do certain things in my tax folder and still to this day I haven’t been able to figure out what my tax folder really is. My best tip is to find a skilled accountant and have that person help you out.


Bonus tip: Don’t mess with the danish tax authorities. Seriously! If you upset them they’ll keep coming until you close. (Well, almost true but there has been several disturbing stories in the news lately)

So many laws…

If you want to drive a car you have to take a license where all rules are explained to you. The same doesn’t hold for starting and running a business. When you start a business you’re supposed to know ALL danish laws. Just adding a link to your newsletter in the bottom of your emails might be a violation of the marketing law. Who knew?

The laws aren’t the problem. The real problem is that you don’t know where to find all these laws or which ones are applicable to you. Why can’t we just be handed like a rule book that we have to read through to make sure we know just the most basic laws at least?

This post was published on behalf of Timm Gunnarson, a danish economy consultant helping businesses with their budgetary control. 


The start-up culture in Denmark

Denmark has a major challenge in the future, which is to maintain the welfare state. Back in 2007, the bourgeois government, with Anders Fog as prime minister, laid the foundation and direction of the public sector as we know it today, partly through the welfare reform. This reform aimed to ensure a more efficient and economically viable public sector that could meet Denmark’s future challenges such as the growing amount of elderly people. (more…)

Why lambskin is fabulous

I studied at the danish university in Aarhus from 2010 to 2015. The five years meant living of the danish SU which is around 5.000 DKK a month. I lived in a studio apartment where I had my own room and shared the rest with a couple of friends. Decoration and design was never something I really spent time on or had the money to buy. Since I got my full time job at a danish agency, I moved to my own apartment and now I finally have time to live the life I always wanted. Yeah sounds stupid but its nice to have your OWN bathroom 🙂

So, why did YOU become an entrepreneur?

Some people er just meant to be, but for the most of us, I think that becoming an entepreneur was a simple question of chance and meeting the right people.

I’ve been wondering about this for some time now. Becoming and entrepreneur and staying on this course is such a different way of living than anything else I can imagine. How does it happen that one decides to go down this part?

I’ve written down my short story in this post and also asked a few friends in the topic of how they began. (more…)