”Las Vegas wasn’t build by winners”

I was only in Las Vegas for a single week, but that was enough time for me to make several ’realizations’- close to these famous light bulb moments.

I’ve already written about some of the major differences between American and Danish cultures (and leaving Japan after 10 days today, I have a post with differences between Denmark and Japan coming, too).

But, I’d like to share some of the light bulb-moments as well.

”Las Vegas wasn’t built by winners”

Riding with a friendly Uber-driver to the McCarran International Airport, we talked about the American dream and Las Vegas.

My driver previously had been driving a regular taxi and had even been doing limousine-service for some of the major hotels, like Flamingo and MGM.

He had, on numerous occasions, until he quit the taxi and started driving for Uber, experienced mainly men in the middle of the night taking a taxi to a pawn shop to pawn their rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches – anything of value, really, just to take a cab back to the casino in order to try winning back the losses.

Of course, you never win back the losses.

As my driver said: ”Las Vegas wasn’t built by winners.” It’s a city with most of the world’s biggest hotels and around 200.000 hotel beds built by losers. Had people been winning at the casinos, they would not go. It’s crazy to think about.

Video of The Strip – Las Vegas Boulevard. Not made by me.

In Copenhagen, where I live, we have casinos, sure. I think we have a few, but I don’t know. A have a few friends who go, occasionally – like a time or two a year – but no one who goes regularly. People use online casinos like this if anything. We don’t have casinos and gambling in our culture.

And, I’m really glad that’s the case.

Even if you gamble away too much money in the casino in Denmark, you’ll be OK. A major part of our workforce are members of our ”a-kasser” – a system designed to give us around $ 2.500 a month for up to 2 years if you lose your job and have been paying $ 70 a month for at least a year before. You can even become a member when you’re still studying, so you’re able to receive money the moment you’re jobless and educated (even though that’s at a bit lower tariff, around 71 %, as I remember it). Our system with a-kasser allows people to live their lives with a state backed insurance solution.

Even if you’re not a member or if you have exhausted your 2 years, you’re able to get around $ 1.500 a month – enough to live outside the big cities and eat – if you have no money, no house, or nothing. It’s not fun and there’s no luxury, but you will live.

Greed is spreading

Las Vegas by night from my hotel room.

Las Vegas by night from my hotel room.

Las Vegas is Las Vegas because the state of Nevada, for a number of decades, was the only state in America that allowed gambling.

Since gambling, on par with spending money in general, is taxed, the state of Nevada has profited hugely from gambling for many years.

The other states looked at this and thought, ”We want a piece of this, too.”

For that reason, gambling is allowed in most of the United States today. The rules may not be as favourable as the case of Las Vegas, but casinos are allowed.

As I see it, this means greed – state greed – is spreading.

This will make it possible for more Americans to start gambling. We know, the more people gamble, the more people will eventually have a problem. Las Vegas wasn’t built by the winners, nor is any other casino, ever.

I consider myself a liberal in the Danish sense (not the American). I like the idea of ”Kardemomme-law”. The Kardemomme-law refers to a popular Danish story, named ”Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by” (People and robbers in city of Kardemomme).

Here, deputy chief Sebastian has made one single law: You may do what you want as long as no one else is getting hurt.

I love this idea.

And I’m wondering:

If you gamble at casinos and, eventually, lose your money – because the house always wins – does that hurt only you?

I doubt it.

Experiencing the CES-exposition was a fun experience, but Las Vegas as a city and, especially as a concept, won’t pull me back for another visit.

Las Vegas by night,

Las Vegas by night,

When travelling, I learned to appreciate these things about the Danish culture

Currently, I’m sitting in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). I’ve travelled from Las Vegas this morning, where I’ve been for the last 8 days with my girlfriend. I’m heading to Tokyo for the next few weeks, where we’re going skiing in Myoko Kogen.

When I’m travelling, I really get to appreciate some things about the Danish culture that I don’t pay attention to on a regular basis – at the same time, I notice some parts of the culture where I am, USA right now, that I find very appealing.

Some of the things I’ve come to like – and dislike – are:

Our price is final in Denmark – USA, you don’t know

I went out eating with my girlfriend yesterday at a restaurant in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. The food was nice, but as usual, we were surprised when we received the bill.

The food we bought had a price total of 60 dollars on the menu. On the bill, the first 6 dollars had been added as tax. Value added tax – moms in Danish – is fine, but I prefer seeing it to begin with so that I know what I’m actually going to pay.

Also, we’re expected to give 15-20 % in tips, which increased the bill further to almost 80 dollars.

Same thing about hotels. With our hotel in Las Vegas, we paid 80 dollars per night only to discover a tax of 32 dollars per night (!) when we checked out, which had been added to our bill.

The price is never the final price in USA. I appreciate that the price is final in Denmark.

Friendly and high level of service

On the contrary, I love the level of service in America.

When on a trip with Uber, buying groceries and just running into people on the same elevator, Americans are very friendly and begin conversation. It’s a bit tough for us reserved Danes to begin with, but you get used to it very quickly and begin to appreciate it.

Talking to new people is fun. We should do that more in Denmark.

Miss non-sugar food

Food in America is crazy. You have to really look out to not buy foods that have tons of added sugar in them. Even tea and oatmeal from Starbucks have added sugar. The blueberries you can add to your oatmeal have added sugar. I miss good and healthy danish food.

We even saw a contest where eating the most sugar (candy) would win you a prize (more candy). It’s hard to imagine such a contest being in Denmark.

Danish and EU-legislation prevent European companies from adding this much sugar to this many types of products. When navigating the food shops here, I’m not surprised USA is the world’s fattest country and that health costs are rising. I miss the healthy Danish food (Skittles are nice though).

We’re not gun crazy

With a group of friends and colleagues, I went to a shooting range one day in Las Vegas. Shooting was fun to try, but I’m glad we have banned guns altogether in Europe.

I was reminded of why when getting to the actual gun range.

Our Uber-driver – an otherwise friendly black man – asked if we we’re going to try shooting and continued to tell us about his 33 guns at home (!).

And 1 in the car.

For his own safety, he had a pistol available next to him in the car we were driving in. We’re not used to this in Europe and it made me very uncomfortable and really killed the conversation. I see the historical reason as to why US likes guns and wants to stay armed, but at some point, everyone will know someone who has been killed in a school shooting or cinema shootout and I hope that’ll change some things. Australia banned guns year ago and homicides fell dramatically. US can do that too if they want.

Our laws work

The American ’working poor’-class is huge.

Uber drives, while people in the service industry and so many more have to work several jobs in order to just pay the mortgage and living expenses.

I believe we in Denmark have created a system with too high costs for employment. It’s hard to hire someone on Denmark for less than 4-5000 USD per month, which lowers the amount of jobs and creates barriers for entrepreneurs.

However, the system works and we do not have this working poor class that is so huge in USA and keeps getting bigger. I can appreciate that.

As the Danish saying goes – ude godt, hjemme bedst (out is well, home is best). Next stop for me is Tokyo and then Chiang Mai in Thailand. I hope to experience more cultural differences along the way!

Tobias Wilner Creates Soundtrack For ‘Bedrag/Follow The Money’

Tobias Wilner of Blue Foundation has created a hunting soundtrack for the latest Danish series from DR – producers of The Killing, Borgen & The Legacy – Follow the Money. This brand new eco-crime thriller explores a world of corporate crime in which a group of powerful business leaders reside. When a dead body is found near a local wind farm, police inspector Mads is assigned to the job, refusing to believe that it was an accident. Follow the Money stars Thomas Bo Larsen who appeared in Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt (2012) and Festen (1998). Larsen also stars alongside Natalie Madueño Wolfsberg, Esben Smed and Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Killing III, The Keeper of Lost Causes). Sara Savery has also contributed to the music scoring of the show. The first two episodes of the series, directed by Per Fly, whose films include The Inheritance and Manslaughter, were screened at the recent Berlin Film Festival.

Listen to Tobias Wilner’s hunting main theme from the Danish crime show ‘Bedraget/Follow the Money’ in it’s entirety here.
The solo cello is played by Isabel Castellvi (Sun Kil Moon, CocoRosie, Mivos Quartet). Stay tuned regarding soundtrack release date.

The Martingale System: Does it work?

Although the respected most authority of gambling math in this planet, the Wizard of Odds, differs our point of view, but you can surely increase your chances of winning. They say, “all betting systems are worthless” because in the long you can never beat the house edge, but most of us play for a limited time while they are travelling. So if you want to be a seasonal winner you can try the Martingale betting system. You will win small but mostly it will be quite assured.

Being one of the oldest betting system, it is capable of making profit. It is easier to understand as well. Suppose you bet $5 and loose. On the next bet you double your bet($10). If you loose again you will double it to $20. So when you win, you will get to have $5 as profit. This is Martingale betting system!

Interesting video: The Truth about Martingale System

But there is a risk of doubling your bet. If you keep loosing for so many times, you will be out of money. Even if you have money you may not double it because of the casino’s policy not to bet over $500-1000. So if you keep loosing, then the amount of loosing money in this process will be much more than you expected. I found this link with the best information for – Check it out.

Now that you know the rules and risks of Martingale betting system, lets check out what profit it will bring to you. Think of a roulette game. If you bet $5 on red and play for not more than 30 times and you have $1000 to spent, there is a possiblity that you will win maximum 46% of the time where your average win will be $16. Which means you will loose 54% of the time where your average loss will be $28.

If you use the Martingale betting system then your winning percentage will max upto 82% where your average win will be $66. But remember, you should only use this system if you are willing to play for a short time. The more you play the chance of you loosing is increasing.

Well like roulette there are many games which increases your chance to win but not every game. American rulette is one of them which is bad in general. On the other hand blackjack, craps, European roulette etc. give you a better chance of winning. So before taking Martingale betting system you should choose your game wisely.

It may help if you have a lot of money in bank. But think before you play. It may not go well for your benefit.

If you feel lucky – I recommend this betting website

sports betting

If you want to bet online, you should decide which bonus offers you will choose. There is one website which take it as a mission to provide best reference codes to you so that you may get the best welcome bonus when you first enter into the online betting games. The name of the website is

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The experience that you will have at online betting will depend upon your preparations. Such as online and offline betting are not the same. Online betting is much more profitable and easier than offline betting. You can play from anywhere and anytime you like.

Although online gaming is much more beneficial and profitable, there are some thing you need to consider before creating any account.

First you need to make sure that the bookmaker is registered in Denmark or not.

  • Does the bookmaker’s offer good for you?
  • Is the bookmaker’s offer better than the others?
  • Computer, mobile and tablet, can I use all of them?
  • Do they have a better customer service? Etc.


Try these 4 sports betting strategies

Once you create your account, don’t lose your expectation that the bookmakers will not treat you well. Keep your hopes high.

You know some sites provide free bets for the new customer where others charge double. There are some offers you need to remember. Such as free bets for beginners, after the first deposit you will get extra money, cash withdrawal gets you extra bonus, if you pay a certain amount you will get a free-bet and so on.

You must know the rules better, before you accept the terms and condition. You should also know these three conditions before playing to optimize maximum winning chance.

  1. Don’t play with the heart, play with brain
  2. Use bets with value
  3. Analyze

And last but not the least enjoy. There is nothing more to say- happy game time.