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The mystery of the missing blogger… – Diane's Daily Denmark said on 2015.02.23: […] time you heard from me was December when I was bombarding you with 24 Days of Danish Chris
Scott Larsen said on 2015.01.24: No, I do not.
Scott Larsen said on 2015.01.24: Thank you for your kind words. Scott
Nodi Alman said on 2015.01.14: Nice post. Cheers!
Rikke Nielsen said on 2015.01.13: No comments :-) Rikke N. Købermægler 
Odense, Funen, Denmark | What an amazing world ! said on 2015.01.13: […] Kovacevic, “3 must see atractions in Odense”
telemall said on 2015.01.12: i like online shopping
Scott Larsen said on 2015.01.06: No I don't use twitter.