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What a (Copenhagen) Mess! – Diane's Daily Denmark said on 2014.09.02: [...] planet.  Honest!  Cross my heart and hope to die!  If you don’t believe me, see my re
Scott Larsen said on 2014.08.29: Thank you for your kind remarks.
Martin Friis said on 2014.08.27: great stuff..
harsh said on 2014.08.23: very interesting
Diane said on 2014.08.22: Thanks, Bill - interesting story!
rene said on 2014.08.15: what is the sountrack
To be, or not to be (confirmed). That is the question! (Part One) – Diane's Daily Denmark said on 2014.08.13: [...] you saw in my Monday post – Back to (the new) school (reform)! – my two little dar