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Podwalk in Copenhagen

Sorry for the long hiatus, but we are in Austria at the moment. We’ll be back for the Climate Summit, [...]

christmas starts early!

in denmark christmas traditionally doesn’t start with getting a tree, decorating the house or making a fancy dinner! People celebrate [...]

(Free) Museums in Copenhagen!

If the weather has been bothering you as much as it has been bothering  us, we’d highly recommend to visit [...]


as days get shorter and colder inside activities gain more and more interest. watching a good movie is something most [...]

[link] find it in copenhagen

it’s always quite importent when you move somewhere else to find cool spots to go out, eat out or just [...]


© smoked and salted quail eggs © cyclone bill on flickr toast, herbs, turbot roe and vinegar © lesleyk on [...]

[link] alt om københavn, everything about copenhagen

every city got this one homepage where you find everything that’s going on! sadly the best homepage about Copenhagen is [...]

copenhagen the perfect global village

since we decided moving here it appears to me that Copenhagen is both a village and a global lively city! [...]

the most beautiful autumn weekend in copenhagen

This weekend we had the most beautiful weather for an autumn weekend here in Copenhagen. Of course it was fresh [...]

my everyday way to work!

like many others here in Copenhagen I’m also taking my bike to work. Those of you who already visited our [...]