Denmark: a country of runners

Thursday in Denmark, more precisely Odense, we had a running competition called Eventyrloebet (which translates in Fairy Tale Run I think – correct me if I am wrong). It was a holiday, as you may know, so a lot of events going on and shops closed and everybody just having fun.

The weather was nice and given the fact that we could choose between 5 km and 10 km, I wasn’t expecting so many people there. I suddenly realised what a huge event this was actually. Full of people… If I was on the 5k overall position on 3872 and I passed a lot of people (as you can see on the video below), plus the others from the 10k, for sure there were 5000 people at least. Which is incredible for just a small little running through the park.

Which brings me to think that Denmark is a country of runners. Really, think about it. Only at this competition there were families, with kids and grandparents and everything with them, students, whatever you want, everything was there. And it is really like this. Danes run all the time. When sun is up, they go run. When it rains, they go run. When it snows… you get the point. Plus the running with kids in the strollers. They just stay there sleeping, not caring about anything. It’s pretty cool.

I am saying this because, ok, all over the world people run. But not all the time. Denmark is such a fit country, if I can say it like that. All the time, something is happening that makes you run. I mean, it has to, gotta get rid of that beer belly, I suppose. Where I come from, if there was a free day in the middle of the week, the biggest adventure would be to get in the car and survive the traffic to get to a place where everybody makes a barbecue and that is it. Here, at least, you run and then you have a barbecue with lots of cool people around.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to run or to bike all the time. Which makes me think why aren’t Danes winning all the marathons? Come on, even the Prince is going to Iron Man competitions. So basically, this is how life goes around here. You have to run. Plus, you have great views while running through forests around here:

Watch the clip below, filmed with my Go Pro, to have an idea of how many people were there and see the beauty of Odense’s surroundings!

Speaking of running, June brings us the happiest 5k on the planet here in the happiest country in the world: The Color Run! I will be in Copenhagen on the 15th for this event and I think it will be the coolest day here since I arrived. And it is about running, it is in Denmark, so everybody is happy, right?


Who am I gonna see at the Color Run? And if you know more sport events coming up in Denmark, share them here! 😀


By Hristos Fleturis • May 31, 2014
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  1. Posted May 31, 2014 at 4:37 pm by Jacob Riis | Permalink

    There will be around 120.000 runners when the DHL Relay Race ( DHL Stafet ) is being held over 5 days in Copenhagen. There are 5 runners on each team

    There will also be a run in Odense. Last year there where around 17000.

    Most teams are from companies but you can also make your own team . I was running last year in in Aarhus. This year my goal is to cut 3 minutes from last years race. I have made a bet with one my coworkers so I really should start to train 🙂

  2. Posted June 1, 2014 at 10:27 am by Hristos Fleturis | Permalink

    Nice, sounds awesome! Good luck in beating your own time from last years race! 😀

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