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Last part of the month brings some great events here in Odense and I would say we shouldn’t miss any one of those.

A lot has happened since this kind of summer began here, with sun, 20 degrees Celsius, people going in the parks… It is a perfect weather for great things to take place. Since I came here in Odense, I went to a lot of interesting events, some which for me at least made absolutely no point, but they were still awesome.

In the fall there was the Harry Potter Festival, which takes place every year. Great couple of days for the kids to feel like little wizards (who am I kidding, I felt the same way).

Also, the museums have all kinds of events and we also witnessed a small discussion with Richard Branson in April. What Odense has in store for us for the following weeks though?

I will talk now just about the last part of the month, because… Zombies are attacking! Yes, this weekend, on the 24th of May, the Odense Zombie Festival takes place. And if you watched “The Walking Dead” or saw any kind of movie with zombies, you pretty much know what to expect.

The picture is taken from the Facebook event. Their website is down now, but when it gets well again, go check it here.

You better prepare yourself to run if you want to escape the zombies and also win the Eventyrlobet which takes place on the 29th of May, on the Himmelfartsdag or Ascension Day (you know, when Christ went up).

I will be participating in the run also (I will win only if the last place counts as a win). As a cliche, I like running in Denmark. Especially in Odense. There are so many parks around here that you feel like in a forest, far away from the city. So see you there to test our limits (ok, it’s only 5 or 10k, but still…).

And to end the month in an epic way, we go to the harbour and have fun. The Havnekulturfestival takes place between the 30th of May and the 1st of June in the harbour and for sure it seems the programme will be a great way to take our minds away from the exams a bit (we still need to study, don’t we?). You can check the entire schedule here on the official website and the schedule here in an interactive way. Panamah will be singing (and it is the only Danish band that I like), but besides concerts and beer (we are in Denmark) you can play, run, jump, swim, row, eat, meet people, talk and have fun for an entire weekend.

If you know more events that take place in Odense and would be interesting for internationals also, leave a comment. It can also be from another part of Denmark. Aarhus I think just had an epic car race last week, is that right?

Well, we have great days coming ahead (exams included) so let’s watch a video with zombies in Odense:

By Hristos Fleturis • May 21, 2014
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One Comment

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