Perfect conditions in major cities for an entrepreneur

I live and study in Aarhus, but I managed to get myself a girlfriend who lives in Copenhagen. This means that more often than not, I travel more than 350 kilometers each way to see her.

Of course, I still need to be able to work when I’m not in my apartment back home. I solved this problem by using the city itself. Copenhagen, the Danish capital, offers better conditions than any other city in Denmark – even my beloved Aarhus.

Half the time I’m here I spend at a friend’s office. Emil Blücher works with search engine optimization as do I. He has offered a spot in his office for me to use when I’m here,  including coffee! I’ve taken him up on that offer quite a few times now.

Using, I also sit here every now and then.

I’m also often sitting in one of the coffee shops around the town. Baresso, Kop Kaffe and other bars that are open till late night offering great locations to get my work done. I have to supply my own WiFi, but that’s rarely a problem for me with my smartphone.

And if neither of these two are available, I currently have a subscription at where I use their business lounges including both coffee and internet when I’m in the city to get my work done.

The moral of the story is rather simple:

In most Danish major cities, and in quite a lot of minor cities as well, there are splendid conditions to get your work done if you look for them. Having a girlfriend on the opposite end of the country is no excuse. Neither is being away from your business partner; Skype was invented for a reason.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, now is the time – the conditions have never been better and I’m enjoying it more than ever! 🙂

By Halfdan Timm • February 4, 2013

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