Falling for Freja

She is Chanel, Karl Lagarfeld, Valentina, Balenciaga, Prada and even Zara. She is edgy and elegant, rough and fragile, brunette and Danish.

At 25, model Freja Beha Erichsen is the new face of many high-fashion brands. How did the girl from the small city of Roskilde, Denmark, climb the fashion ladder?

She was still a little girl when she was dreaming of being under the spotlights. When she was a teenager, becoming a rockstar was on the top of her list but her voice was too weak to succeed in that field. But she had many other assets to propel her to the top. Her 1.78 meters of imperfect perfection was spotted by a model agency agent on the streets of Copenhagen from a taxi when she was 16.

She is inexperienced when she goes to her first castings but her raw beauty and her androgynous allure will make her one of the most famous supermodel of the young generation.

Why does everyone want the Danish cover girl?

1- because she embodies the generation of boyish girls, effortlessly good looking and free.

2-because she has a strong personality that make her stand out

3-because she is ranked 5 in the top 50 top model worldwide

4-because she is a true Dane who doesn’t say no for a Carlsberg when she’s off duty!


By fanny • February 17, 2013

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