It’s a bird…! It’s a plane…! It’s … a bike lane extension through an NYC construction site!!!!!!

Construction on 9th Avenue

That was a Superman reference for anyone not familiar with the American comic. I snapped this photo today riding down 9th Avenue…I approached a probably 20-block-long construction site in the West 40s and just as I rolled my eyes and thought, “Ok time to piss off some Taxicabs on the street,” lo and behold there stood an EXTENSION of the bike lane through the construction site!! I was flabbergasted and quite excited.  I remember in Copenhagen this was occasionally a problem as well, but most of the time (on the few construction sites I saw…) an effort was made to extend the bike lane to some degree, at least superfluously. The case is not often so in NYC. As I’ve said many times, though…times, they are a’ changin’ in Manhattan, and in only in a few short years. Woo!

By Eric Blair-Joannou • March 3, 2013
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