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Denmark is closing for Easter! Buy! Buy! Buy!

If you’re new to Denmark, then you had better stop frittering away your time on the internet.  Get out RIGHT [...]

Gæk, gæk, gæk? Guess your way to an Easter egg!

My kids will be on Easter break from Friday.  Woo hoo – no more pesky packed lunches for the next week!  (For [...]

I swear I heart Denmark!

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that my blog (hey, make that my general outlook on life) is a [...]

Oh My (Danish) GOSH!

I bought some nail varnish the other day.  Okay, nothing new in that.  But I’m on to my fourth bottle of [...]

Danish Milk. Grey or blue?

Do you drink milk?  We drink lots of it in our house.  And – what’s more – we’re living dangerously [...]

You know you’re in Denmark when… (Sexy Danish Domesticated Dads)

You know you’re in Denmark when… …you wonder why there are so many good looking men coming out of a [...]

The New Nordic…Potato Chip!

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past year, you can’t have missed the hype.  The New Nordic ‘Thang’.  You [...]

Oh what, wow, he’s the greatest dancer! Marvelous!

It’s Friday!  Which means I’m in the mood for dancing!  [And 'romancing' - anyone else remember the Nolan Sisters?] And [...]

Spring, sand, sea and sun!

What a difference a month makes… Spring officially started here in Denmark on Saturday (1 March) and, though we’ve still [...]

Fastelavn is coming! Branch out!

On Monday I told you about Fastelavn (Danish Carnival),  Fastelavnsboller (Danish Carnival buns) and how to bake your own. Today [...]