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If you can’t stand the heat in the Danish kitchen…

Y’all know that I ♥ Denmark and those crazy (but lovable) Danes.  But I can’t help feeling that they got […]

10 November? Duck for dinner!

My DDH (Dear Danish Husband) often accuses (is that the right word?!) me of being more Danish than the Danes. […]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?  It may only be the start of November but today – […]

I heart Danish comfort food! (Part Eleven – Sprængt okse/and)

This morning it was dark and pouring with rain when my kids biked off to school.  I put on my […]

You know you’re (back) in Denmark when… (Copenhagen airport)

You know you’re (back) in Denmark when… The Danish schools’ half-term break is over and my ‘wee’ ones (Dear Son, […]

I heart Danish comfort food! (Part Ten – Frederiksberggryde)

We’re now into week 42 (the Danish school’s half term holiday week) so I won’t be posting this week as […]

Spunk?! Well, it doesn’t mean vacuum cleaner…

Today’s post will make you think I have a childish sense of humour (if you’re British), or that I have […]

Six sizzling sausages…

I’ll never forget my first visit to Denmark.  November 1992, I was working in Luxembourg at the time and my […]

Jensen vs Jensen. No sh*t!

This weekend’s news headlines hit me right between the eyes.  Not to mention my pixie ears.  Kapow! 8) But first […]

What a (Copenhagen) Mess!

No posts from me last week, as my family from Scotland were visiting.  And they seemed to have brought our […]