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What a (Copenhagen) Mess!

No posts from me last week, as my family from Scotland were visiting.  And they seemed to have brought our [...]

See you on the other side!

As you’ll have seen from my recent posts, my kids are on their summer break from school (six whole weeks, woop, [...]

A slice of Danish teatime (Great Dane-ish Bakes, Part One – Hindbærsnitter)

Okay, so you all must have guessed by now that I love Danish food.  I’ve got a series of posts [...]

You know you’re in Denmark when… (Birthday cake, lady?)

You know you’re in Denmark when… It’s my birthday today – hip, hip, hurra!  And – though I ain’t no [...]

Flødeboller! What’s not to love? Um, even more!

No sooner than I had wiped the last chocolate from the corners of my mouth and hit ‘publish’ on my [...]

Necessity is the mother of invention. And of homemade koldskål.

As the Danes say, “Nød lærer nøgen kvinde at spinde”.  Necessity teaches the naked woman to spin.  And that’s exactly [...]

Flødeboller! What’s not to love?

Whenever my DSBB (Dear Scottish Big Brother) comes to visit, he [cough] very kindly provides us with a list of [...]

You know you’re in Denmark when… (Here comes the Summer!)

You know you’re in Denmark when… In the words of the iconic Undertones, “Here comes the summer!”  In fact, Danish [...]

It’s that time of year again…flying toffees! Karameldag!

Tomorrow – Wednesday 28 May 2014 – is Karameldag.  Or “Toffee Day”! It’s the last schoolday of May (schools are closed [...]

Tea and hot rolls Thursday = Big Prayer Day Friday

With the excitement of Eurovision behind us, my kids are now eagerly counting down to the strangest day on the Danish religious calendar.  [...]