Danish Libraries (Part Four) – Big Screen! Tiny Cinema!


I’ve banged the drum so many times for Danish libraries that I’m ready to join the percussion section of DR’s Underholdning Orkester!  An orchestra I always watch like a hawk when they’re on the telly, because I know one of the violinists from my daughter’s Mødregruppe (mother’s group).

But, as usual, I digress!  Back to Danish libraries – one of my favourite places to spend a cosy half hour steeped in magazines, books, CDs, Wii games, nintendo games, wooden jigsaw puzzles, etc, etc, etc.

But it’s not just the items you can borrow in the library that are surprising.  It’s their interior decoration and services they provide.  You’ll remember that at one local library children are encouraged to crawl along on top of the book shelves (‘Where are we?’ Wednesday? – Climbing the Walls) and another offers free cuppas in granny’s front parlour (Tea with your Tolstoy?).  And all of them have calendars jam packed with social events (e.g. knitting and writers’ groups) and free courses (e.g. internet for pensioners).  Though they do like to confuse me by having separate sections for British English and American English books… (You say Tomato, I say Tomahto) 😉

But, hey, surely this is the tiniest cinema in Denmark?  In a local library.  And (thanks to the Danish Tax Gods) it’s absolutely free!

Tiniest cinema in Denmark?

Thirty chairs.  And no, not just any old chairs.  They’re classic Myren (“The Ant”) chairs, designed by Arne Jacobsen.  You know, the man responsible for the dinky Star Trek petrol station?

This teeny tiny cinema is used for documentary discussions and kids’ film clubs.  Yep, those crazy Danish librarians even provide the popcorn!

Obscure art film, blockbuster or kids' cartoon - you decide!

And how about this…  When it isn’t being used by schools or groups, you can reserve the cinema for your own private showing of any film on filmstriben.dk.   And it won’t cost you a single Danish crown!  Drive, The Iron Lady, Midnight in Paris, The Gruffalo, One Day, Séraphine, Far til Fire – Tilbage til Naturen, The Fifth Element to name just a few…  Just remember to bring your own popcorn.  And to clean up afterwards…

As Ole Michelsen always says, “Film skal ses i biografen!  (Films should be seen on the big screen!)

No posts from me next week because it’s efterårsferien (the school’s autumn break) and we will be busy playing with the latest wooden toy on the Danish block…  Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday and a wonderful week!

Diane 🙂



By Diane • October 11, 2012
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