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The Iconic Cycling Girl – Cykelpigen

The Safety Bicycle had barely been invented in the late 1880’s and available for purchase when the Cycling Girl became […]

There Are No Cyclists in Copenhagen

There are no cyclists in Copenhagen. Okay, maybe a few. If looking for needles in haystacks is your thang, you’ll […]

Bike Culture – Factually Speaking

Right then. After a couple of inaugural blog posts here on I figured I’d just get some facts out […]

Simplicity Cycle

In many countries in the western world the bicycle is regarded as sports gear or a child’s plaything and not […]

Copenhagen is Life-Sized

The key to understanding Copenhagen is keeping your feet firmly on the ground. If “bigger is better” is your thing, […]

Mikael Colville-Andersen

A filmmaker and photographer who documents Copenhagen's bicycle culture from an anthropological point of view.

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