Even as its ruins it is beautiful – On Kalø Slot, Denmark

How much time do you spend looking forward to summer? In my case, it’s all the time in winter. Last summer I was lucky enough to have visited the Kalø Slot and here I indulge myself in my reminiscence about it.

When I looked at the group of cows chilling by the sea on such a bright Danish summer day, I thought they were the happiest animals in the world. But a moment later I changed my mind. When I found myself standing at the top of Kalø Slot, a ruined castle of some leftover rocks from history and someone’s glory, I felt that I might be happier than the cows I met.


No wonder why the 19th century romantic painters and poets found (and lost) their ways in the womb of Mother Nature. The sweet and swirling light and colors in front of my eyes and surrounding my little self overwhelmed my senses like one of J.M.W.Turner’s paintings. Perhaps it was because I was hardly a hiker. Although I lived on a small village up on a hill, it was, afterall, Hong Kong. On Kalø Slot, the sky was much bluer and the grass much greener than those one could find in a city girl’s life.


The picturesque landscape was composed of a vast cerulean sky and a spread of luxuriant mountain green. It was adorned with golden rays from the sun, which were reflected by the water and returned to our sight in the form and foam of glittering waves. It was late afternoon, but the sun did not set before 10 at night in the northern summer. There were just a few people around. When I looked back I saw an old man walking hand in hand with a little child. Their shadows followed them tightly on the grassland.


On our way to Kalø Slot we walked between waters. There was a path so thin that when the tide was high only a few inches of it would be visible, and it would simply look and feel like walking in the middle of and above the sea.


Although the sun was gorgeously bright, the temperature was not too warm, especially when the wind roared from time to time. We had a picnic on the grassland at a small valley behind the castle. My teeth took pleasure from an insanely sweet Danish cupcake coated with lots of sugar. One of the most enjoyable features in Denmark was its air, so refreshing and so sincere, when I breathed I could feel that even my lungs were happy.


By Cherry • January 25, 2013

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