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The world is small and it does not take long for things to travel around it, from one country to [...]

Your Copenhagen Top 5

Have you visited Copenhagen or would like to? In either case, what are the TOP five things you think are [...]

A KopAmok and Cake #5

Does this beautiful cake from Kop Amok tempt you? It does me!

A KopAmok and Cake #4

Wouldn’t you like a macchiato with your apple tart? KopAmok in Copenhagen is serving it up!

A KopAmok and Cake #3

Perhaps a hot cup of Jasmine or Darjeeling tea with this rich chocolate madness from KopAmok?


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    • Along with the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs and 5 million other people fr...
      Along with the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs and 5 million other people from around the world you can cast your vote at MY World. By voting you help define what the world’s new sustainable development goals should be. MY World is a global United Nations survey that asks people what the issues are that would make the most difference to their lives. Vote […]
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      TidslinjebillederSOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN FOR GENDER EQUALITY The ‘HeForShe’ Campaign Starts in Denmark. Gender equality is not only a women’s issue, it is a human rights issue that requires the participation of all – including men. UN Women has therefore recently launched a global campaign ‘HeForShe’ which focuses on gender equality and promotes solidarity among […]
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      MobiloverførslerRainy days in #Aarhus, but still not cold. Enjoy Autumn in #Denmark's second biggest city :-) […]
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