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A KopAmok and Cake #5

Does this beautiful cake from Kop Amok tempt you? It does me! Kop Amok  Ved Vesterport 7 1612 København V, [...]

A KopAmok and Cake #4

Wouldn’t you like a macchiato with your apple tart? KopAmok in Copenhagen is serving it up! Kop Amok  Ved Vesterport [...]

A KopAmok and Cake #3

Perhaps a hot cup of Jasmine or Darjeeling tea with this rich chocolate madness from KopAmok in Copenhagen? Kop Amok [...]

A KopAmok and Cake #2

A café latte would go nicely with this tasty homemade treat from KopAmok in Copenhagen Kop Amok  Ved Vesterport 7 [...]

A KopAmok and Cake #1

How about a café mocha and a slice of THIS delicious treat from Kop Amok in Copenhagen? Kop Amok  Ved [...]


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