Starting 2015 at Tivoli


As my friend Mads (pictured above, who works at Tivoli)  asked today…

Is your hangover weighing you down today? Was the New Year’s Eve celebrating a little hard on your head? Could you use some fresh air and a little coziness to clear your head?

Well guess what?


Yes, you heard right!!! Head on down to Tivoli and enjoy the first night of the year. There will be fireworks at 20:45 (8:45 PM) for those who did not get enough last night.

As you know from reading this blog, Tivoli is my #1 place in all of Denmark (followed closely by the entire island of Bornholm). It is my go-to place when expatriate life is stressful and I need to clear my head; the place I recommend you visit everyday on that inexpensive annual pass (enter in one gate, get a quick shot of festive energy or a little relaxing vibe if you haven’t much time and exit out another gate); and a wonderful place to come with friends to celebrate or to take family who come to visit.

Tivoli has grown exponentially in its offerings and open days since I landed in Denmark in June 2006 and it’s simply delightful. It puts a smile on your face no matter what the weather and there is always an activity or a space that just hits the spot if you need it.

It has always saddened me a bit to see it closed up in the frozen cold during winter so this is AWESOME that it is open to start the new year. As I may have mentioned earlier, I have a Southern California Annual Pass to Disney Resort and I have been so eager to see Tivoli make its mark for as many open days year-round as possible. This is THE PLACE that inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland when he visited Denmark with his wife Lily.  Dare to dream and make all your dreams come true! You know, there is a saying that the way you bring in the new year is the way the rest of the year will be!

Bundle up nice and warm and enjoy the New Years fireworks! And as Mads says, if you get too close to someone, you might just get a BIG warm hug to keep you cozy in the fresh evening air.  There’s nothing quite like Danish hygge, and it’s at Tivoli tonight!!


Happy New Year!



By Barrett Clemmensen Powell • January 1, 2015
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