Denmark is Wild about the NFL – SUPER BOWL 2013

While some have thought this was Week 5, others of us know we are in Super Bowl XLVII Week (that is 47 in Roman numerals in case you didn’t know, lol) . It culminates tomorrow with the ultimate championship game – the 47th Annual Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers . Here across the pond, that has not escaped Denmark’s notice and I, for one, am glad. Biozonen has gotten in on the energy and has now combined two of my favorite things – Schwarzeneggar action films and American football.

That’s right — tomorrow, across Denmark, you can go to a nearby theatre and see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film “Last Stand” followed by Super Bowl 47, live, on the big screen — and you get a Budweiser! Biozonen Super Bowl 2013.

To repeat…first that is a testosterone-filled over the top-machismo Schwarzeneggar film…

…and the there is 3 hours or so of more explosive testosterone with the Super Bowl, live on the big screen! Oh! And a Budweiser. If you want to catch up on what’s happened this week leading up to this powerhouse game, check it out:

The Best of Super Bowl 47 Week

You can also stay at home and watch the game on TV3+ or buy a Game Pass from for 300 DKK (it gives you access to 256  regualr season games, 10 playoff games, live NFL games,  2013 NFL Draft coverage and combine and other features, through July 31, 2013).





By Barrett Clemmensen Powell • February 2, 2013
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