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Happy Danes

Sharmi Albrechtsen

Albrechtsen is an American journalist living in Denmark writing about the Danish Happiness phenomenon. Interestíng perspectives and comments from this Blog have been incorporated in her new book, A Piece of Danish Happiness (available on Amazon). Check out her website or email her on She can also be reached on +45 5117 6876

Diane's Daily Denmark


Never too serious but always informative, Diane is a Scot who moved to Denmark in 1998. Author of "Death comes to Strandvig", a Scandinavian cozy crime novel. Mentor at FlyladyPremium ...

Home is Where Your Heart is


Atypical Mediterranean married to a Viking and learning the “ways of the North” in beautiful Aarhus. Amateur photographer, fairytale believer, Biologist and closet sci-fi geek, among other things.



Blog about studying and living in Denmark seen from international student eyes, always full of curiosities, pictures and informative videos that you, future student will not want to miss! Always interested in fashion, beuaty, animals, good food, travel, new cultures and places on earth. Do not forget to check :)

Eat Smart in Denmark


Carol Schroeder has an M.A. in Danish literature from the University of Wisconsin and runs a gift and gourmet shop in Madison, WI called Orange Tree Imports. Her daughter Katrina Schroeder is a Registered Dietician working on a fellowship in adolescent nutrition in Boston. Join them as they explore the delights of traditional Danish cooking and New Nordic cuisine in 'Eat Smart in Denmark', a culinary guide published by Ginkgo Press in Madison, Wisconsin in 2014. 'Eat Smart in Denmark' is now available in bookstores and online in Denmark as well as in the United States.

Stories from the Fairy-tale Land

Ani Movsisyan

I was born with a traveller’s suitcase in my hand. I am from Armenia, an ancient land of amazing beauty and big-hearted people. A few years ago a courageous Dane stole me over and after two weddings and two years of fabulous adventures in China and Germany, here we are settled in the fairy-tale country of Denmark. In September 2012 I am going back to the books and starting my Masters at DTU. Staying true to the travel spirit I work at Everplaces, where we build a tool for travellers. From my homebase in Copenhagen I am onto exploring the beautiful gems and curious traditions this land holds. To follow my adventures you can also check out my personal blog at

Nothing Rotten in Denmark

Scott Larsen

Interest in his Danish grandfather who emigrated to the U.S. made Scott explore his Danish roots. He has done extensive genealogy on his Larsen family - but there's always more questions. A longtime American journalist who lives in Canada, he has visited Denmark, wrote about his travels on this blog, and hopes to return to the 'Land of Hamlet' someday.

Bike NYC Like a Copenhagener

Eric Blair-Joannou

A wannabe-Copenhagener-real-New Yorker's perspective on cycling culture in New York City and what the Big Apple can learn from spending time riding rapt over the bridges of the Danish capital. Biking across the harbors of King Christian IV may be just what the City's citizenry should experience in order to see that simply riding a bicycle is all the American metropolis needs to do to upgrade its stagnant transit system. Follow Eric on Twitter too @clintonledyard .

American Dream, Danish Dream

Barrett Clemmensen Powell

I am living out my American Dream in Denmark while I write, travel, cook and find ways to inspire and empower people. Professionally I am a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and have been for nearly 20 years. My passions are my family, travelling, surfing, being on the ocean, reading, good food, Bichon Frise puppies and beautiful hats. I am publishing a children's book called "Lori Leak Travels to Paris" in September 2015. In 2014 I published "Midlife Opportunity: Power, Money and Wellbeing in Your Late 30s and Early 40s" (with real life lifespan acounts from clients worldwide and featuring real life stories from Americans and Danes), and prior to that the novel "Congregation". was published. I am an entrepreneur, intercultural expert and writer who came to Denmark to study for a second master degree. I have been a guest lecturer at Denmark's Roskilde University in the Culture and Identity Institute, where I presented Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" and both co-designed and co-taught a special semester course on religion and social media.

Aperture of a city

Matthew James Harrison

Award-winning British photojournalist Matthew James Harrison has over four years of professional experience working in the newspaper and magazine industry. He has provided images and articles for the BBC and MTV, and for many of the UK's national publications. Now living in Copenhagen, Matthew is working as a freelance photographer and has just started a new company, a series of workshops for amateur photographers. In his spare time Matthew is also a musician, a scuba-diving instructor, and runner. You can see more of his work by visiting

Just Doing It

Halfdan Timm

Expect a blog on being a young entrepreneur in Denmark and how to have both a full-time study, a job and two companies work out among other topics like self-improvement, sports and marketing - and remembering that there's more to life than books, beers & bits. I work as a consultant and on my travelblog

Brunette in Denmark


Short and brunette migrant from sunny Italy. Can a person like this survive to Denmark? Daniela: an ugly duckling in Blonde&Tall-land, is trying to find the essence of “being Danish” and will write down her perplexities and discoveries about Danish culture and behaviours. Student of Journalism, she has found herself tied up to Aarhus, and moved again in this town to take a MA, after having lived in here 8 months in 2011. This time she looks to the city with the eyes of a citizen, but still feeling as a foreigner. Cause, she misses real pizza sometimes.

Sparsh Sharma

Sparsh Sharma

Sparsh holds a Master's in business administration and a Bachelor's in electrical engineering. After having worked in the top Indian media companies, he decided to come to Denmark in the fall of 2012 to study at Aarhus Universitet and later worked at LEGO. A Danish green card holder, he is currently looking for marketing or consulting opportunities globally. He writes on startups and entrepreneurs for The Local Denmark and Germany and blogs on his experiences, or trends that catch his attention, in Denmark.

My Danish Dream

Mikkel Kongsfelt

My name is Mikkel Kongsfelt. I am a PhD student in Nano science, run a small online business with websites such as and, dream about living partly self-sustainable, blog and try to live a harmonic life together with my wife and 2 kids. I want to live my life by pursuing my goals, but at the same time live a happy and harmonic life. All of this is of course not possible, but I try to pick and choose what is important for me - this is what I call living "My Danish Dream". You could also call it the "Modern Dream". This is what you will find me blogging about here! Want to know more about me? Feel free to connect with me on Google plus +Mikkel Kongsfelt

Student and entrepreneur

Sasa Kovacevic

Student and entrepreneur is a blog by Sasa Kovacevic who is Head of PPC and partner at Obsidian Digital - a digital marketing agency in Denmark with focus on SEO and Google AdWords.

Spot Denmark

Nabi Nara

Nabi is a worldwide working, quite nomadic video journalist, artist contributing culture-focused video news to several TV stations, desk out of Europe. Travelling inside the happiest nation, she has met amazing landscape, old & wise tradition and the happy people. Spot Denmark will share Nabi's travel story through ordinary yet special towns in Denmark and making stories of news production. Recently she just covered a video news on the pre-school nature kindergarten. She works mainly for South Korean National TV station.

Minimalist i Denmark

Jens Jakob Andersen

‘Minimalist in Denmark’ is a blog by me, Jens Jakob Andersen. Topics will be about living a minimalistic, happy and entrepreneurial lifestyle in small and rich Denmark. I myself am working on becoming economically independent, which is primarily done through iloebesko and RunRepeat. You can follow me here:

An Eastern European in Denmark


'I'm 22 years old girl from Bulgaria. I am currently living in the city of smiles - Århus. I decided to write about all the fascinating stuff I discovered in the Viking's country so far. So hope you'll have fun reading. :) / If you want you can also follow me on twitter : @ekaterinna005

The Highlands of Denmark

Xiaojing Ma

Hello, my name is Xiaojing Ma. “Xiao” (笑) means “smile” in Chinese, and I have smiley holes on my cheeks, so maybe it was my destiny to land in “Smilets By” Aarhus 10 years ago. I was a student in Aarhus School of Business, and I decided to continue my life in Aarhus after finishing my master’s degree in Finance. I hope we can share some “hyggelige” experiences on my blog and get aesthetical inspirations from the Danish way of happiness. You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn (Xiaojing Ma) and Twitter @UniverseAroma. Vi ses/See you!

Get busy living or get busy dying

Kasper Andreassen

This is a blog by Kasper Andreassen. I’m a young man in his twenties living in Copenhagen. I moved here from North Jutland about 5 years ago. I love working with web related stuff and are currently working on various projects, among them my own site KAPOW! Web. This blog will be about enjoying life, whatever it’s exploring the big city, or simply just relaxing at home with a cold beer and an episode of Family Guy (I’m a big TV-show geek). It will also be about my own life, juggling multiple projects, self-improvement, and anything in-between. Feel free to ask me anything – you can find me on Google+: +Kasper Andreassen

My point of view

Louise Villadsen

My name is Louise Villadsen and this blog will take you through my daily life in Denmark. You can expect topics like fashion, health, music, self-improvements and lifestyle in general. Besides that, this blog will contain some good tips about Denmark - especially ”Smilets By” Aarhus. Feel free to ask me about anything.

Denmark through my eyes

Kim André Langholz

Online marketer, Business coach and founder of - Based on my years as an Online marketing consultant I'm helping people from all over the world make a living as freelancers. Born in Norway, raised/lived in Denmark for +20 years and since 2013 I've been living a life on the road - Traveling the world with my wife with nothing but our backpacks and computers. My goal with blogging on is to give you an insight into how it is to live in Denmark based on my personal experience.

Conquer the world: Denmark

Hristos Fleturis

My name is Hristos Fleturis. In my 22 years I traveled from the South of Europe to the North, and here is why: I was born in Greece, moved to Romania and now I study in Denmark. As you can see, I am slowly conquering the world. I don’t know where exactly I will be in the future, but until then, I have time to discover more of Denmark and Scandinavia and share my thoughts here with you. The thoughts of a Greek Romanian guy who lives in Denmark…

Mads's blog

Mads Phikamphon

Writing about living an active and interesting life in Copenhagen (and the rest of Denmark). The blog focus a lot on sports, including my own favorites: Cycling, running and climbing (bouldering). Expect also to read a bit or two about my experiences building the bike portal and the Danish beauty blog I run together with my wife, If you want to feel really Danish, you might want to check out my personal blog (it's also in Danish).

The Copenhagen Tales

Laura Berg

A German in Denmark. I'm a coffee addict, foodie, amateur chef, travel junkie, language enthusiast, hygge fan, and a total dog person. This is my life as an expat in Copenhagen. Say hej here or on!

Copenhagen Dreaming

Ida Madsen

Youngish Copenhagen-immigrant originally from Jutland - balancing childish inclinations with serious adult-worklife, human baby and yellow Skoda Fabia. Avid home cook, fan of Noerrebro and blogging about all the little things, that crowd my cluttered brain.

Smidt Happens in Aarhus

Kim Smidt

I will be writing about the life in Aarhus, seen through the eyes of a newcomer from the western parts of Jutland. My topics will mostly concern everydaylife, fitness, entrepreneurship and danish facts. I myself have been blogging about fitness for a couple of years, but the interest for fitness has been dropping since i started to work long hours, and 5-7 days a week. Hope that you will enjoy my inputs :-)

Sophic Scribbles from the North


I consider myself an artist with an insatiable wanderlust. I write, weaving ideas into reality. I paint and draw, expressing myself and what I see inside of me. I read avidly as for me books are treasure chests of marvelous knowledge. But… I am also a proud out-of the-closet nerd. Not the one who is heavily into science and who explains everything scientifically (with all due respect to that breed of nerds). I am, however, the kind of nerd who reads comic books, watches superhero movies repeatedly, quotes Lord Of The Rings whenever proper (or not!) and researches tenaciously about matters of interest (culture, history, mythology, art, architecture – just to name a few). And yes, I am a hyperactive explosion of positive energy. I discovered Denmark unexpectedly some years ago, and desperately fell in love with a sailor of merchant’s harbor – Copenhagen. I had no choice but to move closer to my sweetheart and indulge in all the gifts of life it offers generously. Here, I shall share my stories and experiences from Denmark I lived to tell with all my devoted passion for country that stole my restless heart of a drifter ;)

Everything Dan-ish in Denmark

Dan Woolley

After being a lover of Denmark and its culture from a far, I will be experiencing it first-hand. This blog brings to you the experiences, challenges and everything Dan…ish in Denmark. I am Dan, mid-twenties and have just completed a Master of Arts degree in philosophy. Now, I am searching for adventures in Denmark and I bet Denmark has them for me.

Out of the ordinary

Allan Pedersen

A regular young Dane that enjoys being from Denmark and who wants to share what an ordinary Dane do. I grew up north of Copenhagen, got my education at CBS and abroad, and is now managing my own webshop

Rasmus Koelln

Rasmus Koelln

Choosing Happiness

Rolf Hansen

I am a happy guy, and 100% Danish guy with a German mom and a wife from the USA. In 2014 I chose to quit my job and start my own little company, where my main project is Expect to read articles about cultural differences, Danish traditions, what to see as a turist in Denmark and entrepreneurship in Denmark. Enjoy :-)

Design, travelling and everyday life in Denmark

Morten Storgaard

I'm a 34 year-old Danish guy, who loves to to travel and meet new cultures. Happily married for 8 years to Maria, my life partner and travel partner. I blog about design and lifestyle trends in Denmark, often seen through my travel experiences from all over the world. Besides this blog I also write about all these topics over at (English), Fagmagasinet (Danish) and Netkablet.

Moments of life and business in Copenhagen

Esben Schaarup

Living in Copenhagen is such an exciting thing. A beautiful city with a lot to offer everybody. No matter who you are or what you like, be sure, that Copenhagen will excite you. My intention with this blog is to tell about Copenhagen as I experience it. I live in the heart of the city and feel the vibes from it every single day. I will i also try to include some experiences from my life as an entrepreneur in Denmark and the journey I have been through. I created my first business in 2011, which today has developed into being much more, than just a part time job. For people who are interested in business, I'm sure you will find some interesting readings. I hope this blog will inspire you or maybe even help you. If you are new in Copenhagen or just love doing business, I'm sure you will find something here, that interests you.

Archived blogs:

Mikael Colville-Andersen on Bicycle Culture

Mikael Colville-Andersen

A filmmaker and photographer who documents Copenhagen's bicycle culture from an anthropological point of view.

Malene on sustainability

Malene Freudendal-Pedersen

Malene Freudendal-Pedersen is working as an assistent professor at the Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change at Roskilde University (RUC), where she is a part of the research group Space, Place, Mobility and Urban Studies. Her main research interest are mobility and sustainability with special focus on everyday life and behaviour.

Bichi Attack!

Tobias Wilner

Award and Grammy winner Tobias Wilner Bertram is an Danish-born vocalist, guitarist, producer, composer, songwriter, skateboarder, label owner, creater of Blue Foundation, Bichi and member of Ghost Society. Check his website:

Damien on the Arctic Denmark

Damien Degeorges

Damien Degeorges from France writes about the Arctic Denmark, Greenland's development facing climate change.

Street art & urban creativity

Nicolai Juhler

A lover of art and urbanity. With a great passion for creative use of the city. I am project manager of street art events, and Master student at History of Ideas. find me at facebook:

Living and working in Denmark

Dagmar Fink

In my day job: software-engineer working at IBM Denmark / In my spare time: Leader of the Worktrotter-network. Author of the Worktrotter's Guide to Demark / My drivers: Innovation. What is not there, is just not there YET.

Denmark: An insider view from a student's perspective

Ankit Khandelwal

[This blog has won world's 5th best exchange blog award in the year 2012] A former Indian student studied master's in chemical and biochemical engineering as an Elite Master Student. Currently, he is member of Youth Good Will Ambassador Corps Denmark. He is writing about some insights of Denmark from his perspective related to day to day life, education, food as well as sports. Despite returning back to India in 2012, he still maintains good ties with Denmark. Follow him: @enlighting Website: .

A view on Danish art

Amalie Valentin

Art History student from Copenhagen, now living in Aarhus. I have a passion for anything that's different and innovative when it comes to art, culture and music.

Fishing for Fashion

Stine Olsen

You are reading the blog of a 21 year old Danish girl, obsessed with fashion, interior design, music and life style in general. I’ve moved to Herning to study Fashion Design at TEKO and I’m enjoying every aspect of it. Besides that I love sunshine, photography, DIY-projects, being creative and in addition to that I get a lot of my inspiration from my everyday surroundings.Copyright © Stine Olsen. All rights reserved on photos taken by me.

Doodles on Danish screen

Madeline Stürup-Toft

Danish film then, now and in the future as seen through the eyes of a 27 year old Copenhagen'er with the lifephilosophy, that a person can never have too many visits to the cinema in a week.

Food of Life


Food, nutrition and health are what we are going to write about. We are two girls who are working on, a Danish website about nutrition and health research. We will bring you the latest science news spiced up with fun facts about food and Danish recipes.

A Little Taste of Wild

Jennifer Lynch

A recent Irish import with a passion for all things wild. Living in Odense with my Danish boyfriend. The master plan is to improve my danish and find a nature-environment-conservation related job. When I'm not battling with soft d's I can be found digging in the garden, stalking birds in the woods or generally trying to get away from civilization into the wilderness.

Food & Beverage CPH: Eat, Drink & Be Hyggelig


By day, I work in IT Finance. By night, I eat, drink, and do everything I can to embrace the infamous hygge. A New York transplant arriving in Copenhagen in March 2011, I consider it my moral obligation to navigate, sometimes with reckless abandon, this amazing and ground-breaking foodie scene we've got here. And then? Well, obviously I'll write about it.

Postcard from Denmark

Barbara Brišová

I always wanted to study abroad but I was not ready for such a big decision in time I graduated at 6-year secondary grammar school in Martin, Slovakia so I decided to get some experience at Slovak university first. I finished my bachelor's degree in political science in Trnava in June 2012 and I am starting my new life in Denmark with a new study major Marketing Management at the Business Academy Aarhus. I am obsessed with writing, reading books, exercising from working out in fitness centre to yoga (I am also Piloxing instructor) and healthy cooking and I am pretty excited about doing all this things in my new home - Aarhus. You can join me on my personal blog or on my FB page postcardfromdenmark where we can talk and get to know each other a little bit. I have also personal account on FB Barbara Brišová which I prefer to use it only for my closest friends, classmates etc. to keep it "personal" but you can always subscribe me and stay in touch with me this way. Thank you for your support it is really helping me to become better blogger. :)

Ezekiel Esbensen

Ezekiel Esbensen

I am a Dane, who has abrogated all claims to a Danish Mentality. I consider myself and everyone I meet Citizens of the 21st Century. I care about changes happening in our country, However Mainly about the way they are misbranded in the Medias’ Hyperreality.


Maria Vittoria Ceschi

I'm an italian girl, studying Economics in Milan. And I'm getting the chance to spend three months in Copenhagen for an Internship program in a small company run by artists. That's why I decided to take advantage from this experience to explore Denmark and scribble something of my "discoveries" in my blog. Sharing my knowledge with the others will add value to my path but also to other's paths. This is the goal that I'm trying to reach, so just jump aboard on my DRAKKAR(t).

Emily i Danmark

Emily Merrick

After a six month exchange jaunt in Århus in 2011, I've made my way back on the arm of a gentleman and in the pursuit of hygge. In this city I fill my days riding around on a rusty bicycle, observing the seasons change and drinking an obscene amount of coffee. I enjoy taking photos, writing shy poems and telling lies to drunk men in bars. This blog is where I share our adventures and shenanigans as we drink, dance, eat and cycle through the streets Århus.

A flash of Denmark


Brought together by faith - Camila and Andrea came to Denmark to share one great passion: getting to know other cultures! And yes, as good Brazilians, they talk a lot, laugh out loud, take millions of pictures and love to share this with everyone! That's where they came up with the idea of this blog! A place to share their views about Denmark with others who are also living here, Danes and expats alike! They hope to understand a little bit more about this country, its people, and culture through this photo project.

Corners of Denmark


A Brit who has lived in Denmark for the past 15 years and is starting to appreciate the smaller, more low-profile sights the country has to offer.



Welcome to this “blog of thoughts” where a French lover of Scandinavia is sharing some insights, wonders and good tips about Denmark, and especially Aarhus City! Fanny is a 22 years old girl studying in Aarhus for six months as part of her Master’s degree in Journalism. She got the travel bug when she settled down for a while in Los Angeles, and since then she has never considered herself as a tourist again, trying to live as a true local wherever she unpacks her suitcases.

The Lens Project


Welcome to Linsen Projektet. Kait Bolongaro captures her Danish experiences through the lens of a camera. Peer into the life of a foreigner studying, traveling and working around Denmark. An Italian-Canadian journalist, Kait is settling in Denmark for one year to complete a Masters in Journalism.

MY wonderful Copenhagen

Laurette Tribert

Hello everyone, my name is Laurette. I am French. I have had a passion for Copenhagen and Danish culture since summer 2008. I visited the city and literally fell in love with it. Curious about different lifestyles and always eager to meet new people , I enjoy being an expatriate in Copenhagen everyday. With this blog, I intend to share my perspective on the city, its inhabitants and give you an insight of Danish culture. I love Art, music, style, architecture and design. I support any cultural events or creative initiatives that make people gather and have fun all together. So that's what I will promote here!! I hope you'll enjoy MY wonderful Copenhagen.

A foreigner in Denmark

Sabina Buzoi

Undergraduate business student at Copenhagen Business School. Formerly Romanian. Travelling and literature enthusiast. This blog represents my recent adventures in a newly discovered environment.



“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower,” said Hans Christian Andersen’s butterfly. Welcome to “Flutterby”, the travelogue of a 20 something writer-editor from Hong Kong, revisiting all things bright and beautiful through written words.

Land of Opportunity

Sarah Maria Klitgaard

A Londoner who is 3/4 Danish and studied at Aarhus University. A little bit of an outsider, a little bit of a native, join me in my quest to find a good supply of sild in England and keep my grasp of Danish culture fresh. Expect writing about fashion, culture and good places to eat and drink in Denmark. To find out more about my other writing, visit my blog, Land of Opportunity or find me on Twitter at @OpportunityLand

Making my way

Tom Griffiths

Came to Denmark in 2007 with my Danish wife, after living in England for a number of years, (you can take the woman out of Aathus but you cannot take Aarhus out of the woman!). After a career helping people and organisations to manage change, I decided to turn those skills and that experience to helping other expats and international better manage their own transition to life in Denmark, and recently started my own business. When I'm not doing that I let my Dansk-Svensk Gårdshund take me for long walks, contribute to the development of Aarhus International Rotary Club and apologise to everyone that my Danish is still so bad after being here for so long.

My Journey with Denmark

Sherry (Yan) Shi

From China, with the educational background of Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language, Sherry is a big fan of culture and languages. The experience with Danish companies and Danes interested and motivated her to further explore the country. While studying journalism in Aarhus, Sherry would love to share her journey in Denmark with all of you. Feel free to contact her via

Living life as it is


I am living "the life" as it is given and enjoy the process of approaching unlimited freedom as well as the present moment. I want to experience the full scale of what the concept of love and desire may imply as life does total worthy of whatever my hearts desire. Never settle for second not now not never. I sometimes stuff my self with intensive learning program and sometimes do totally nothing. I like in particular subjects as economics, sociology, philosophy, art, Alternative/electro music. I enjoy to be around people with self-dicipling, playing on higher level. Passionate, ambitious, creative and loving.I will treat you with respect, give credit and add value to friendship if you appreciate.